intensity (26)


Published at 300 × 400 in Artist Books

4 thoughts on “intensity (26)

  1. fantastic, such dedication, delicate patience. kindred!

    • It’s done on an old till roll, or maybe you’d know it as a cash register. Took me months. I still have it here with some of the roll not done. I don’t I’d be able to work like that again.

      • I find it very beautiful. The photography of it also.
        I feel similar to you about a lot of my work. The patience some of it (especially non-representational abstracts) has taken is ridiculous. But also I just cannot repeat my self; it makes me ill, impatient and angry.

        • I remember doing the scroll while lying in bed in winter time. I used a 0.5 lead pencil. I think what I’ll do is draw a kind of line with an explanation and let fly with a brush and ink to finish it. Or take it as far as it will go. A kind of diary. It’s not the kind of thing one does for the market. I’m trying to think of a way to make a tiny ‘movie screen’ for, that one could ‘crank’ by hand.

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