1. Twig? Capiche?


    September 21, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    Ad hoc job from Twitter. With my painter’s stick I made faces all through the quarter filled glasses of wine …
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  2. Through the Looking Glass


    September 15, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    My copy finally arrived. I said once, should the pain of women (particularly) be pooled into one place, the impact …
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  3. Shame


    August 17, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    unblamethe selfreaches the sky

  4. Periodical


    August 15, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    By the bloodof Jesus, they cry– menses

  5. Floating


    July 25, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    Please click through to the post by Shiradest. With the new editor, it doesn’t say at the top it’s a …
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  6. Music


    June 30, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    I would just standthere, let the jazzcrash right through me

  7. Love


    June 24, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    To knowthe debillitating inabilityto know love

  8. Night and Day


    June 20, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    the night descendsfrom its waiting –velvet dawnbreaks, rises(the) earth

  9. Shush

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    June 12, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    shutteredshatteredssshh – don’t tell

  10. Writing life

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    May 31, 2021 by petrujviljoen

    novel advicecharacter plus action= Karma!

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