May 13, 2022 by petrujviljoen

how tired
one can be – watching –
one’s back

It’s mid-week, mid-month, mid school-term and the tourist town is quiet, even the main drag, the millionaire’s row, held only a few vehicles. It’s a small town, has no traffic lights and often one confidently criss-crosses the road, walking along it even, because the pavement is inconvenient. Having to steel oneself against someone with whom one is mildly acquainted (and in disagreement with) isn’t a new experience.
She too now, didn’t do the perfunctory greeting the way people do. I don’t agree (and say so) with their manner of politics, their assuming a leadership based on the average boxing match. Jab, jab, undercut. A blow to the heart.mind.soul is not unheard of.
The personal backyard is mostly lawn and potential, dotted with molehills. My heart faints at the thought of starting a garden anew. I watch my cat watching a patch of grass. Intent cat-ified. She lifts onto her back paws, front paws raised ready for the strike but the surface remains undisturbed.

sensitive to
the stirring below –
cat’s poise

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11 thoughts on “Backyard

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  2. Loved how you tied in your town and personal backyards…and again your two haikus. Mwah ♥️

  3. Suzanne says:

    I like the style of haibun. You have really captured the old Japanese tone.

  4. memadtwo says:

    Avoiding people can be an art. Even with my glasses I don’t see very well, so that’s always an excuse for me…(K)

  5. You have your cat down to a tee, and the same tension in the humans.

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