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  1. Grief


    February 18, 2023 by petrujviljoen

    counting falling rose petals – detachment

  2. Untitled – senryu


    February 14, 2019 by petrujviljoen

    holding it’s all there is – tenter-hook holding

  3. Untitled XV


    July 31, 2018 by petrujviljoen

    faces turned away there’s ever only leaving – haunted, hunted

  4. Two (3?) birds on hand


    July 26, 2018 by petrujviljoen

    small bird dying – a grim beauty It was my cat. I hate it when she catches birds. Lizards, mice …
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  5. Untitled X


    July 13, 2018 by petrujviljoen

    Inevitable that the dam wall should burst

  6. Senryu – grief


    July 9, 2018 by petrujviljoen

    Eyes bulging, red – the roar of the weight of grieving

  7. untitled III

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    May 25, 2018 by petrujviljoen

    a frozen fury disrupts the rites of grieving – repair polluted

  8. Storm – a quadrille


    June 5, 2017 by petrujviljoen

    is that a hand above the mud, wavering to and fro – no? a branch of a tree, the one …
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  9. Escape – Haibun


    May 28, 2017 by petrujviljoen

    The walk became necessary for my own sake. Calling the cat, ‘come, let’s go’ and her dawdling, making me wait …
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