June 5, 2022 by petrujviljoen

She loves sitting on the stoep, deep in against the wall, watching the night. Her front paws together, tail wrapped round, completely still. She can spend an hour; a better meditator than me. I’m sorry to call her in but it’s winter here, the night air cold.


(and I) cradled and



11 thoughts on “Charlie.

  1. memadtwo says:

    Companionship. (K)

  2. I felt that way about Trixie yesterday. We caught the edge of the storm while we were eating outside (under the porch) and Trixie sat in a chair right on the edge getting drenched, staring into the pouring rain and lashing trees. Cats live in a parallel universe.

    • What do they see, hear, smell or otherwise sense is a mystery!

      • And why do they do what they know is tempting providence? Is it to show off, or do they get a thrill? Either is too human to be true. Isn’t it?

        • Not showing off, not a thrill. I’m sure. There’s deep observation going on.

        • This evening after supper I stayed outside to tidy something away (okay, it was dog turds). The two dogs were pottering about and Trixie was sitting on her chair. Suddenly, the dogs were charging over to the fence, running along it, and I heard Trixie. She was on the other side doing her claws on a tree and talking to them.
          She knows that if she runs across an open space, the dogs will chase her. Dogs do. They can’t help it. She knows that they can’t get through the fence but she can. As long as she gets there first.
          Why tempt fate? All she did once she’d wound them up was to come back inside through the barn. There was no reason for it at all. Except to wind them up and dare death. Or else she’s weighed them up and decided they wouldn’t hurt her? Who knows, but I wish she wouldn’t do it.

        • She knows she can outwit them. Showing her superiority. Just a game? Dogs know it is? Heaven knows!

        • There’s often a dynamic between dog and cat, chase me but snap and I’ll scratch your eyes out. How do they know the rules will be respected though?

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