Graskop – An Open Letter


March 7, 2022 by petrujviljoen

Dear White Graskop,
You won’t be throwing me off your chat groups if you weren’t afraid of me. Throwback to 2012/13 – you have reason to be. The Blonde and Blue-eyed Brigade still dictating, all the while pretending non-racialism. So ensconced in the White community, making sure to not expose yourselves to an inclusive, truly non-racial narrative, having become complacent, blaring on the one group the apparent entitled authority of taking the law in your own hands, terrifyingly so. Aikona! I’ll never be able to visit God’s Window ever again, having to wonder how many petty criminals didn’t make the journey back down, metaphorically speaking – or not. It gets out of hand this kind of thing. Putting yourselves forward as cultured, educated but at the civilian arrest of a perp all and sundry came to gawk at the tied-up heap of poverty-stricken misery, making the scene of crime a spectator sport, bringing their children – in lieu of day-care, getting praised for it, publically. The declaration of the modus operandi of what became a vigilante group drew no comment from any of the Wannabe White leaders. All three of them (and everyone else on the group) kept their silence, a violence in itself, agreeing to a self-appointed White law onto yourselves. Hectic indeed! One group I left voluntarily, a personal integrity wouldn’t allow otherwise.
The Blonde and Blue-eyed Brigade, God’s chosen (or so they like to think) threw me off their Trader’s Group. A white man was allowed to sell his livestock, in this case chickens and quails but a Black man selling his prize bull were told: “It’s Not Allowed! It’s against the rules!” Bullshit. It’s a rule made up on the spot. Preceded by a post advertising free laptops – by a Nigerian, posted by an uneducated white woman. A local Black man educated the group on white-collar crime, which the White people took personally and complained of, not knowing white-collar crime isn’t limited to white people. A member of the Blonde, Blue-eyed Brigade chipped in – no livestock for sale, finish and klaar!
The self-declared (I quote), proudly blatant racist posed herself educated at the charge of her being arrogant, the same racist who once asked the difference between trauma and drama, a near illiterate who doesn’t understand the literature of a Doris Lessing, disagrees with the research of a Karel Schoeman, who’d never read an Alice Walker, a Toni Morrison or a Zakes Mda, who called Nelson Mandela a piccannin with thick lips and an ugly big nose, (I quote), the Blue-Eyed Blonde who thinks of slander as the only legitimate attack in the back alleys of communication, the gossip of the gutter, the Blonde convinced she’s made in the image of her craven God, not wanting to know she/they reinvented him in their own Blonde, Blue-eyed image, ignoring the research by scholars Jesus’s origin as a Black African Man.
Attempting to rule the rules of a misshapen town, wannabe leaders of a place geographic, psychological, spiritual they’ve never actually owned and at the time they thought they did they distorted their ambitions until it smelled of nothing but the stink of greed and power, so used they gave nothing back. Nothing. Sounds familiar? Denied an entire nation their rightful place in humanity. A people who are nothing, owns nothing if it wasn’t attained, obtained on the backs of the Black people, first by the barrel of a gun, then (and now) by the sjambok. Now through lies and deception. White people: you are nothing without the Black people. Nothing! We’re only ever going to get the country back together, turn it into a functioning economy, if we stand together, work together, live together. Discuss together. At the very very least, tolerate each other. Allowing space for each other under the same non-racial sun, having fun.
Throwing me off the group for insisting on democracy, transparency, truth. Denying me and the Black man the right to trade fairly, honestly, openly. The group belongs to the participants in it, not a self-declared Blue-Eyed Blonde who makes the rules according to White Supremacy along the way as it suits her and every other member of the Brigade without an option for discussion. Hear this: you all now live in a Democracy. You no longer rule the roost. Authority isn’t yours to bandy about as a lone White right! Jesus you’re stupid!
Perhaps, at night at prayer: put your hands together and thank your God your Lord Black people didn’t want revenge. From always, from the beginning back in 1994 (one of the beginnings) Black people consistently put out their hands in greeting, in warm welcome, requesting you sit at their table, come and get to know us, we forgave. We’re a Good People. Always, consistently, for the last 28 years at least, White people turned away in condescension. In discussions of racial equality it’s only White people who has to be spoken to, while Black people bleed in their very hearts, their blood as pure as any of the human race. Why do I still have to say it? I’ve had the misfortune of listening to some racist conversations where I, as a White, lost my temper so badly at the stupid, stupid insistence on a superiority based only on sporting a white skin (God knows you White people are otherwise hollow) where I thought: if I was spoken to in this manner on a daily basis, if I was Black, I’d chase the lot of you into the sea and be done with you, you’ve no humanity!
Shall we talk about the Geoscience Report?
Why is it that every time I object to racism on a group I get thrown off? You think you’re going to shut me up? Run me out of town? Cut me off of a line of trade for my survival, the way you did with the Black man, creating wealth for himself and his family? Think again. Black-owned guest houses, readily available for business, verbally attacked regarding the legitimacy of their establishments, by a poor (psychologically and spiritually speaking) Blonde, Blue-Eyed White. Fuck you.
Why did the DA do so poorly in the recent bi-elections? – lack of integrity. Taking part in, helping organise a protest at the time of Covid and the surcharges on our electricity purchases; feeding the poor – you wanted their vote. I was present at a meeting where it was declared: if we didn’t the Black people, during protest, would target our businesses. I quote. The swathe of Whites attending that meeting will unanimously deny the statement because you all have each other’s backs. I was the only one who ever brought a Black person to your table and he ran as did I, not wanting part of the farce. You think Black people are stupid?

Anything in the above any of the BBB (metaphorically speaking or otherwise) would like to sue me for? I’m right here. You all know where I live. Make my day. Know this: I keep record of everything. On my phone, on my laptop and at various trusted places outside this God-forsaken, racist town.



49 thoughts on “Graskop – An Open Letter

  1. Nan Mykel says:

    Wow. Good luck. Be safe. I’m breathless. Gutsy.

  2. memadtwo says:

    Will they even read it I wonder? But it’s good to lay it all on the table so to speak. (K)

  3. Reblogged this on Jane Dougherty Writes and commented:
    It does the heart good to hear someone using her voice to speak out against injustice, putting herself in the firing line, not sitting a thousand miles away behind a screen and a pseudo.

  4. You have become a standard-bearer. Do you realise that? All I can do is applaud, wish your country luck, and hope you don’t suffer at the hands of the ignorant over-privileged.

    • If I’m not quite quaking in my boots, I’m very aware of a backlash coming, probably in the form of further slander. I’ve been here before!

      • I admire you. You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. You put it in your fist!

        • That got me laughing! I haven’t been this mad for a long time! The absolute arrogance is unacceptable!

        • I hate all this compartmentalising of people. The anti-whatevers do it too. You can’t keep singling ‘groups’ out for discrimination, but nor can ‘groups’ claim the right to be treated differently. What’s the problem with us all being human beings? Complexion, religion, sex or sexual preference shouldn’t matter in the slightest. But I don’t suppose equality has ever been very high on the human list of priorities.

        • I lay the blame squarely at all forms of organised religion, particularly Christianity. It’s insane.

        • And I’m with you. You can trace most forms of irrational belief back to religion. Most wars and most division.

        • All of it. Better-than-thou attitudes. More right than thou.

        • The whole concept of religion is so full of plot holes it astonishes me that intelligent people claim to believe in it, but there’s no accounting for human blindness.

        • Quite! I don’t get people’s blindness to the fact of many outright untruths in their Holy Bible, written by mere men – the gender-codified beings!

        • The whole thing is just so ludicrous. Why did God wait millions of years to create Man, then wait tens of thousands of years to hint that he was responsible, then more thousands of years before giving a sign of life, promptly dying and refusing to communicate ever again, telling us to pray and believe, despite letting millions of believers perish horribly with no divine intervention, not even a word. Who wants to believe in a god like that?

        • That’s some of it. The creation myth has him looking at everything he made until it came to the humans with an “oops, something missing here – a woman!” And the mortals have us believe she’s from man! Bullshit.

        • There’s all sorts of psychobabble about women in the bible starting with Eve and remember Lilith? She was the woman who wouldn’t be Adam’s wife/slave and got transformed into an evil female serpent. It’s all misogynistic, the whole thing from start to finish, a handbook for the patriarchy.

        • Yes, Lilith, the first feminist.

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