February 11, 2022 by petrujviljoen

The sordid drama has played itself out. The situation fell apart in all its miserableness. The dis-ease was evident, but, I said to myself, I was to spend a few days doing administrative work, get paid, and get out. I needed the money badly.
a personal criteria –
oh dear, the mess!

The job was to make a record of movable assets, [‘’for insurance purposes’’ The Husband said (this is important)], of a guesthouse in the small, god-forsaken town I live in. I was interviewed by The Wife. My wages were agreed on. I realised later The Wife had no intention of paying me the full amount. I’m appalled to hear the parents of The Wife were working for The Husband, at all hours, for free, in return for inadequate accommodation. Alarm bells go off. I ignore it. The Husband wouldn’t dare! The Husband dared. There’s no arguing on and on with a drunken bastard at all hours of the night about what I’m owed for work well done. Nor with The Doting Wife – not as inebriated.

I was asked, by the parents of The Wife, on pain of order by The Husband, to check their cupboards for anything belonging to The Husband – ‘’Fuck off, I’m not doing this’’. I walked away from the moral decay.

hopelessness painted
a slate army grey; the walls,
everyone, everything

The Husband meant to keep The Wife, The Girlfriend, the business and the slave labour (The Wife’s parents). Looks like The Husband is keeping the business: In a drunken stupor, The Husband posted on a community chat group about The Girlfriend. She was sorry she hurt him.

the magnitude of
a Freudian slip –
a free for all

Soap opera: Lived out for real on the stage of the small town, hungrily followed by the small(er) minds. Days of our lives, on and on and on with hardly a ripple in the pattern (the script). There were those who hid behind bushes to photograph an alleged ‘’scene’’ (a different story for another day).

fault lines –
a sinkhole in the
arena of ‘’society’’

16 thoughts on “Decay

  1. Nan Mykel says:

    Especially can relate to the third haiku! Does this mean you’re back on wordpress??

  2. Suzanne says:

    Oh dear. What a horrible drama to get caught up in. I hope you are okay now and have found a better way to earn money.

  3. Wow. Small dorps full of small people (who think they’re big news), throwing their weight around. So sorry. Glad it’s behind you. (Makes a good piece of writing! 😊)

  4. ShiraDest says:

    Sorry to hear this.

  5. A moral train crash of a story.

  6. memadtwo says:

    Life is a giant soap opera. Sorry you got stiffed. Amazingly, in all my years of freelance work, it only happened to me a few times. (K)

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