You’re Mad! Twiglet 263


January 27, 2022 by petrujviljoen

Through the shudder and shiver (it never quite left) of the medication, I managed to catch the gist of Don Quixote’s endeavours, insisting on his illusions, extreme effort (really), milling about while he does. Or did. I bit into a peach while the chocolate was still melting in my mouth, (a moment’s stupid pleasure) compulsively eating [(it’s the medication), I defeated (in the end) the staff]’s expectations of [(picking up) what (weight) it is] I carried. Sated in anguish, abandoned, cottoned on and stopped [eating (so much)]. Insisting only the wind and I knew. Then the raven came. But that was only much later. Insisting. And I still don’t know, I still … Just yesterday I swore off all gods. I noticed several puppies nearly dying (of hunger). People looking on. So I stole them, (right) from under their noses (You can’t do that! Yes, I can, yes I, tjoo tjoo, yes! I! Can! and of course I must and I delivered them. I still … the shudder – it’s the maddening people, their stupidity, it’s the irrefutable weight of memory I carry of their cruelty.

the present moment
(be in it)
the harm it holds


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13 thoughts on “You’re Mad! Twiglet 263

  1. Jules says:

    Madness like the word Crazy… are defined so differently by the one so labeled and those doing the labeling. I think of court jesters and how really very smart they were.

    Scary world, is there hope? I would like to think there is… but then maybe I’m just ‘mad’.

    • Hope is a word I got to dislike lately. I know that sounds negative but really: politics climate-warming, etc. Someone is going to have to do something and it won’t be Elon Musk, I;m sure.

      • Jules says:

        There are natural world cycles – I can agree that humans have caused damage (mostly) with explosive populations and ‘inovations’ for human ease. But I also recongize that not all of nature can be changed no matter how much human’s meddle (for good or ill).

  2. memadtwo says:

    I agree with Jane. A mirror to the lives we must keep in this chaotic world. (K)

  3. ShiraDest says:

    Mad, but unfortunately not mad…

  4. Misky says:

    I keep thinking peaches and chocolate. Peaches and chocolate.

  5. poetrybydebi says:

    To me, this reads like a Poe story. The parenthesis add so much to the eeriness of the text. Really good work here.

  6. This, unfortunately doesn’t sound like madness. It’s too relatable

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