Someone I knew


November 1, 2021 by petrujviljoen

It was one hell
of a drive he was

speeding, careening
around corners I had

to hold on him all the
while keeping me busy

with chatter so I
couldn’t see where we

were going it’s someone –
a friend’s father.

I couldn’t be rude.


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To my regular readers, apologies, I’ve had to put comment moderation back on. What a woman has to do to keep away the gaslighters!

33 thoughts on “Someone I knew

  1. kaykuala says:

    It certainly is terrifying. Glad you are ok, Petru!

  2. sanaarizvi says:

    This is incredibly vivid and palpable. I felt like I was there with you 💝

  3. whimsygizmo says:

    Wow! Tons of tension and fear built here. Well done.

  4. Helen Dehner says:

    Well now … that sounds terrifying. Well done!

  5. Love this – it really captures the fear and tension in few words.

  6. calmkate says:

    sounds like one hairy ride! You built the tension well

  7. I’d probably be rude, at least I am when my husband drives, haha! Glad you lived to tell the tale!

  8. dhak says:

    Terrifying. I can’t see anyone getting in for a second ride, no matter how rude!

  9. memadtwo says:

    Our cultural “training” so often fails us..(k)

  10. Misky says:

    Brilliant example of how to write tension.

  11. rogblog666 says:

    reminds me of a scary ride i took as a passenger on the back of a friends motorcycle many years ago. i have not been on one since. but am still freinds with the rider.

  12. Glad you’re ok, Petru ❤
    I would have been terrified!


  13. Grace says:

    How scary that can be. Good to read you again and hope all is well.

  14. That sounds terrifying!

  15. Glenn A. Buttkus says:

    As a young man, I was the fast driver careening around curves, and sadly it was friends who hung on for dear life. I belonged to Jerks, Inc.

  16. Gillena Cox says:

    Wow. What a scary drive!!!
    Have a good Monday


  17. Oh… so terribly scary… but sometimes you just have to hold on and hope.

  18. Has the mad driver been retaliating?

  19. lillian says:

    Good use of the word. That sounds like one scarey drive!

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