As the World Burns


December 3, 2020 by petrujviljoen

Covid: It is a mad time. There’s so much to say. Putting words to insights has proven difficult. Social distancing the first instance … spells out it’s us, the people … not to come near each other we’ve become toxic; endangering ourselves and others including our nearest and dearest (should one have some of those). Endangering the animals, the planet we live on. Madness indeed.

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10 thoughts on “As the World Burns

  1. The question at the heart of the pandemic that our leaders seem to have lost sight of is our relationship with the natural world, how we have perverted it and turned our ‘farms’ into massive petri dishes of potentially lethal viruses. We don’t co-habit with domestic animals we produce them like car components and it’s killing us.

    • Yes, that is the one aspect that left the greatest impression. The wild animals marched right back in once people were off the streets. Once lockdown eased; the sadness of watching them being driven back.

      • Yes, there’s that aspect too. I was thinking of where the virus came from though—our encroaching on animal space, too close proximity with them breeding and transmitting diseases we should never come in contact with. The live animal markets and our very own factory farms are two examples. We must stop it.

  2. Gonna put it on my list. Thanks for the suggestion. But first, I have to finish an art book “image and insight.” Second, to relive 2020 before 2021 (21Jan21 actually) is a bit much for me.

  3. ShiraDest says:

    “we’ve become toxic;”
    You mean, like we already weren’t??

  4. Misky says:

    Covid has revealed the full extent of my patience to wait something out to bitter end. Nevertheless, it’s done untold damage to all of us. I hope you remain well and in good health.

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