The Painters


November 8, 2020 by petrujviljoen

On the road, living like gods. lived, living day and night, fanatic, emphatic, a living creation onto themselves – for the sake of God

their fingers on the pulse of the God-nerve, healing, creating, believing, living deeply not knowing their power. then.

each image a refurbishment, to stitchbond the membranes of their lives as they fell apart, each paintmark a stitch, holding the centre.

the measure of colour, paint as searching, escaping the pain, the need a seventh sense, painted healing religiously

the road, this life, the bitter travel, a willed wild euphoria, (a drug in itself), mapped the beyond. creating to understand, to express, to explain, to transcend – to astonish God.

colour in and against colour, the image exceeding (transcending) the human. God knows: creativity is survival

their fitness evident in the legacy (once) they left, each in their own way, in their own time, perhaps grabbing some magenta from the rainbow when they went? I would have.

rubber to tar, brush to canvas pinpoint sight the gaze within at every outward gesture, explaining, expressing, this is how it (still) is. life on earth unpalatable.


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15 thoughts on “The Painters

  1. Interesting word-joins……’stitchbond’

  2. I thought Kerfe would empathise with the stitching! This is a manifesto. Go out and create!

  3. Suzanne says:

    What an intriguing poem – it reads like a hymn to creativity – always reaching upward yet somehow always earth bound.

  4. ShiraDest says:

    unpalatable, indeed. So it falls to us to make it better, no?

  5. memadtwo says:

    Each paintmark a stitch…perhaps all creation is only an attempt to mend what has been torn and frayed. (K)

  6. Bioman says:

    Oh I say, Petru you have started something here. B

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