Matriarchal Manifesta by Heide Goettner-Abendroth


October 19, 2020 by petrujviljoen

Such an important article. An eye opener.

What is the STATUS of WOMEN today?

To cite a brief summary of the 1980 UN Report:

 WOMEN make up half of the world population, work nearly two thirds of all hours worked, receive one tenth of worldwide income, and own less than onehundredth of worldwide property.                             (United Nations Report 1980)

What a SCANDAL that is! Yet no one seems to get worked up about it.

But if we women believe a lot has changed in the meantime, then we are mistaken.

In 2010, the President of the UN Economic and Social Council cited the following figures:

WOMEN work 66% of all hours worked worldwide and produce 50% of the  food.  But they get 10% of the world income, own 1% of the property and represent 60% of the world’s poorest.” (Hamidon Ali, UN Press Conference on June 25, 2010)

This was the sitaution in 2000, in…

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18 thoughts on “Matriarchal Manifesta by Heide Goettner-Abendroth

  1. Robert Graves imagined that the earliest human cultures were matriarchal, much like the one imagined here, and they were bulldozed out of existence by brute physical force. I’d be more in favour of a power-share than separate zones (women only publishing houses etc. Do only women build the machinery, supply the raw materials etc?) since it’s in encouraging separatism that you end up with a gulf.
    You’d never get people to give up their gadgets willingly though, and gadgets means slave labour in factories and despoiling of the environment. I wish it wasn’t like that, but it is.

    • More women only publishing houses are necessary so more female voices can be heard. We have Modjadji here precisely for that reason. WWII proved women’s ability to both manufacture and operate machinery. It’s perhaps not a case of deoaratism but creating opportunity for women and to educate men.

      • When you look at the lineup in publishing for example, the majority of agents are women, the majority of writers seem to be women, and the majority of book buyers. Yet books is as much business as anything else and most business leaders and owners are men, and men win the prizes unless it’s the turn of the token woman. Same in all the arts and sciences. Women are there in huge numbers already, but the machine (capitalist and all the others) is run by men and men get the awards. It’s a condescending assumption of men that women might make a good attempt at being creative, but it’s men who are the geniuses.
        I think you could have as many worthy publishers as you like, it’s what’s plugged on the media and in the shop fronts, in the supermarkets that sells, and women are considered second rate ie not such big money-spinners as men.
        I don’t know any way of tackling the problem of inequality in the arts and sciences without tackling it everywhere. Yes, do away with money, give everyone the basics and encourage every creative spark. The problem then becomes preventing the men and women who want more, from going their own entrepreneurial way. Because they will.

        • I”m not sure there’s a majority of women publishers or majority women anything. And yes the problem has to be tackled everywhere. The point the article is making is women doing most of the work and having the least to show for their efforts.

          Regarding the entrepreneurs: it can be a matter of choice.

          The house I live in is currently inundated by men, fixing stuff. So I gave my opinion on a matter – oops! Got the whole thing as to I should rather go into my house. I lost my temper really badly!
          Back to women exelling in their fields: they always have but they got written out of history so efficiently it’s as if they never existed.

        • There have always been men to acknowledge their talent, but the times have never permitted that talent to be exploited. You hear the same stupidities trotted out by teachers, that the girls are the plodders, do their work and keep their books neat and tidy, but the boys have the spark of genius. Crap.

        • In reading the article I had such a strong longing to be part of such a community. Stress free sustainable living. Capitalism us nothing but a modern day slave trade.

        • I’d like that kind of an existence too. It’s tempting to speculate on what the world would be like now if women hadn’t been pushed out of the way by men with swords and spears.

        • I think that’s why Feminism is taking such a long time to take hold – the gender-based violence.

        • Too many women accept that they’re not as good as men. Too many men just smile, sit back, and say, you see?

    • There’s also Erich Neumann, Marijah Gimbutas, Carol Christ and everyone who writes for Feminism and Religion.

  2. memadtwo says:

    There is so much that grows just from homelessness. To give everyone a home, that would be a wonderful start. Not just some space in an unsafe “shelter” or camp, but a real home where they would be an integral part of a community. (K)

  3. ShiraDest says:

    Thanks for this: will schedule a repost…

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