The Pub


September 22, 2020 by petrujviljoen

whether Magdalen or Batsheba, (the light was low). she draped herself over the uncomfortable barstool. there’s spine there somewhere and it will show when she shrugs off the two males vying for her attention.

she’ll admit and then, after,
discard eiher’s passion

10 thoughts on “The Pub

  1. Let them do the draping and just wait to get picked out/up.
    I just hope she doesn’t walk into a gang of self-righteous vigilantes outside who take it upon themselves to show her what women like her have got coming to them.

    • I’ve gone tame. Not once thought of the possibility/probability. Ouch!

      • There was a student yesterday, wearing a skirt in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of a big city ‘taught a lesson’ by a group of Islamic freedom fighters. Happens too often and the left has to make a choice—take a stand against violent men taking over the public space or grooming an electorate. Guess which one they tend to choose.

        • Grooming the electorate! A while ago, here in South Africa, a woman got stripped down to her panties by men at a taxi rank for wearing a miniskirt. Apparently she ”was asking for it”. Here, in the small town where I now live I saw a few guys looking a young girl up and down for wearing shorts. The shorts came down to almost her knees. I stood with baited breath but they let her go.

          It’s always the female who is told what to wear, how to sit/stand/walk/bend over/what to do – or else.

        • What I find so appalling is that denouncing this attitude/behaviour is presented as a choice. As if the liberty of the vigilantes to lay down the moral law is infringed by anyone telling them they can’t. The girl is put in the wrong by both sides. One side claiming it’s their moral right to smash her face in or rape her because she’s dressed like a whore, and the other lot who say, yes, it’s wrong so smash a girl’s face in for wearing a skirt, but she did provoke them; it offends their religion.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I like the cool detachment of the woman you have depicted. Women should have the same rights as men to choose who to mate with and then move on if they want.

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