July 16, 2020 by petrujviljoen

there was a moment when the light, the moon, touched the tip of the crystal spaced (placed) on the windowsill.

below, those asleep, exhausted from hunger, wil not have noticed but for perchance in a dream. it bore witness. to those asleep. to them whose hands were deliberately (cruelly) folded when tummy’s and hearts contracted from the ache of an avoidable hunger. to the tears of the children that had to go unheeded.

a gentle beauty:
holding the capacity
of powerful change


10 thoughts on “Gentle

  1. Just Barry says:

    This is truly heartbreaking.

  2. Suzanne says:

    It is awful that many in this world go hungry when, if distribution was fairer, they could be fed. The world is such a cruel place sometimes

  3. Jules says:

    One can only hope things get better. I wish there was more I could do than offer words…
    There are children all over the world who are struggling with hunger. Some students are allowed to get free meals here over the summer at the public schools. They’ve had to change the program a bit to cope with Covid. No more socializing, but the meals are still given out to those who can get there to pick them up. Which unfortunately doesn’t do a thing for those who cannot.

    Some elderly also have similar issues. One program here brings meals to these folks, but again it is all in who registers and qualifies. I think some rules need revamping.

    • Please don’t feel bad Jules. One has only so much.

      • Jules says:

        It is just very discouraging that there are so many without (worldwide) and that when others who try to say they would help – even if just by ‘prayer’ or positive thoughts ‘slapped in the face’ so to speak. – Nothing you said or did… But it happens all the time and it is quite understandable for frustrations to build when those who don’t have continually go without because they have to blame someone else especially when there is someone else to blame.

        Sometimes there are discussions here about those who are getting assistance but abuse the system. The children are starving but the parents have expensive cars and electronics.

        I remember one year a person I met I think through a book site asked for books for children of their country. I found a bunch of paperbacks (less weight) and was able to send about 25 books to the address given.

        It is tricky when there isn’t a good postal system. I have another friend in Africa who says that they depend on private mail systems because the regular mail is so unreliable. So I can’t imagine that even if others were able to send parcels to certain areas (really anywhere) that the package wouldn’t be confiscated and not reach the intended party.

        • You’re right. Our postal system in South Africa were very bad but picked up. Many of us still prefer a courier service. I also have to sometimes close my eyes because one simply cannot help everyone in need.

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