Not so much …


April 12, 2020 by petrujviljoen

… the yelp of a wolf as the mewl of my cat.


I dived into the light
rolled the query –

the fact
the stuff of dreams.
she’s back.




She went missing the 16th of January and came back the 30th of March. Battle-weary and thin. Safe now.

19 thoughts on “Not so much …

  1. huzaifazoom says:

    That’s lovely! One of ours went missing for over a month. After trying this and that, we had given up, and then one evening… ‘battle weary and thin’ is right. It took a little time before she came back to health. It’s such a joy.

  2. Just Barry says:

    That’s fantastic! Glad she returned!

  3. Susan Kemp says:

    Hectic! So glad she is back.

  4. A mysterious journey, one we’ll never know the details of. Glad to see her back.

  5. emberbear says:

    So glad that your cat is back. Happy news!

  6. trE says:

    Aww. Sweetness! Thank goodness she’s back!

  7. Bioman says:

    And they call them “domestic”!

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