Scent and Search


July 1, 2019 by petrujviljoen

Seven people around the lunch table. Ma, Pa. Us kids. The bread store-bought. A choice of toppings on the table. Ma didn’t really bake, she didn’t have the time having had to work full time to help put the store bought bread on the table.
A slice of white for me, (I don’t remember what the others did or ate) a dab of butter – no margarine those days – generous spread of peanut butter, table knife dipped into the syrup, twirled on the knife edge, holding it high, letting it drip, creating patterns, watching it run, erasing the creation. Savouring the first bite.

butterfly’s wingbeat –
a decade’s worth of scent and search
– hurricane Pollock

Discussing what makes a haiku a haiku with Lionel. Where’s the cut? Where’s the kigo? What’s a haiku? What a senryu. The first nature based, the second, a more personal situation. Some don’t make the distinction any longer; I told him I would like to though. People have been removed from nature, by their nature.

I was born two years after Pollock died. I played with the food when I was maybe eight or nine years old? I know, I know … but I did think about my playing with my food and Pollock’s drip paintings and wondered – I was freshly a Buddhist but not any longer – was it then I became an artist? What the hell. He lived a dangerous life. So did I back there for too long a while.

A mark of the haiku is the first and third lines can and apparently should be interchangeable. That’s what ‘they’ say.

So: if I do that … an edit is permitted – who shall tell me no?

hurricane Pollock:
decades worth of scent and search
– butterfly’s wingbeat

I don’t know if I shouldn’t be running some more. I am, I think. Gently painting realism.

skies rose-gold and blue
the mountain drowned in dusk
– what of tomorrow?

Scent and Search are the last two paintings Pollock made.

7 thoughts on “Scent and Search

  1. susanmehr says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this piece. I had to do a little research on Pullock, and reminded me of Kevin ‘Pro’ Hart. Their paintings so busy, so much chaos, yet you admire their beauty. I also liked the way you described how you would create patterns on the bread. Brought back memories of how I would watch butter pool on hot toast. To be honest, even now I do enjoy watching the butter melt on hot toast, it’s so relaxing. 🙂

  2. I love this. This format suits you, prose and poetry both flow and intertwine so beautifully. I love the hurricane Pollack. And the thread of form and form stretching that runs through this.

  3. Jules says:

    Modern definitions change traditions. As do one tradition coming from one country to another.
    Some say they want both, but that isn’t always easy. Tradition and modern. Being creative I believe supersedes at least a good many of the rules that I treat as guidelines 🙂

  4. memadtwo says:

    Play is the essential human activity I think. Some people, sadly, outgrow it.
    Much to think about here: form/forms/forming. (K)

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