haibun 11


June 14, 2019 by petrujviljoen

IMG_6890 (380x285)

Copyright Petru J Viljoen

A headful of Virginia Woolf and one does then think of Ingrid Jonker too. Both of whom walked into the water. I wear my mother’s jersey. The pockets are convenient. Getting back into bed on account of the cold fishing out the stone I put in it to work on. Intake of breath and I wasn’t meditating. Taking a moment then bending down to work. There’s some rough bits; need smoothing over.

a cold season’s dawn

walking, a pidgeon swoops by

in delight of flight


17 thoughts on “haibun 11

  1. Jules says:

    Sometimes when working with focus… I believe that is a type of meditation too.

  2. susanmehr says:

    Beautiful. I love the dawns, hope on the horizons. Cheers. 🙂

  3. I think you wrote a good one. A really good one. Just saying.

  4. Nan Mykel says:

    Petru, my friend, tell me you aren’t depressed…

    • Nan, my friend, tell me if I wrote a good one or not please? Of course I’m depressed. Aren’t you? Isn’t everyone most of the time?

    • Nan, I was surely somewhat abrupt. It’s just that it can be seen from a different angle besides a personal depression. It can easily be read as a brief mourning for two excellent women, who through trials and tribulations because of their femininity, had to give up on their lives.

  5. Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #1 (6/14/19): Petru’s latest #haibun!

  6. Bioman says:

    This is so good!

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