Ebb and Flow


January 27, 2019 by petrujviljoen

I hold a shard of stone. It’s seashell from ancient Gondwana, over two hundred million years old. It was just lying there, on the surface of the earth as we tread it, and bound to it by the force of gravity.

In far away England, right across the world from where I am, marvelling, a waif, afflicted, passes away.

Everything is connected they say. It was a haiku by Sutcliff I sent to the survivors (of which I am one) of a cousin who tired of being – breathed for by a machine. Asked them to turn it off, to turn away.

Perhaps the gravitational pull of the moon, the ebb and flow of the oceans, provided the impetus to embrace the final moment.

cutting loose from
the explanatory ooze
a last wave

The haiku by Sutcliff:

moon shadows
your breathing
now silent

Linked to Frank J Tassone’s call for a tribute to Rachel Sutcliff who passed away a few days ago.


20 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow

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  2. rivrvlogr says:

    “cutting loose” is so hard, even when it’s for the best.

  3. A beautiful tribute Petru xxx

  4. Reblogged this on Frank J. Tassone and commented:
    #Haiku Happenings #5: Petru’s latest #haibun for my current #haikai challenge!

  5. You hung onto Sutcliffe’s theme so well there. There’s a thread joining them, like that thread of life cut free.

  6. rothpoetry says:

    I like your poem of taking control of life and death! Well done!

  7. Isabel Caves says:

    An excellent haibun!

  8. memadtwo says:

    This feels so immediate to me. Beautiful interplay with Sutcliff’s words. (K)

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