Light Writing


January 3, 2019 by petrujviljoen

020 (2) (348x235)

Copyright Petru J Viljoen

light of the day and of the night

writing: keeping to the way of water

and intelligence of dreams


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15 thoughts on “Light Writing

  1. Just Barry says:

    This is a dense and profound poem. It says much with the sparse language you chose.

    I love the image you used, and your use of water in the second line. Water can tickle, flow, or crash. I learned that from the great philosopher, Bruce Lee.

    • I’ve never thought of Bruce Lee as a philosopher but you’re the second person whom I take seriously, who has read and found value in his way of life. I will get to know more about the guy instantly. Thanks Barry.

  2. I do like the mystery in this one. It takes me to a different world. Happy New Year, hoping it will be full of light and mystery.

  3. Jules says:

    In the upper right… a dark shadow reminds me of a sly fox 🙂
    Nice haiku.

    • I’ll look for the fox! They’re known to out-smart a lion in African folklore. Do you think it’s a haiku? Didn’t want to claim it as such so put micro-poetry in the tag.

      • Jules says:

        Modern English Language haiku does not have to follow the 5,7,5 syllable rules.
        Each line is what can be said in a breath.
        So I believe it would be your call to categorize your verse however you like. 🙂

        • There’s so much debate about English language haiku/senryu it’s a case of taking pot luck what one calls it I decided. I’m tired of having my head bitten off about it though. 🙂

        • Jules says:

          Which is exactly why I don’t belong to persnickety haiku organizations. I write what I like. And if anyone wants to Challenger what I call my pieces – that is completely their choice 🙂

        • And good for you! Claudia McGill has the same approach and I’m beginning to eschew most group efforts even if some are less, much less tyrannical about the form.

        • Jules says:

          Traditionalist also follow the use of kigo words and other rules. Which I don’t follow, because I write mostly for my own enjoyment and when someone else appreciates my effort – it is just an added bonus and incentive to write more of ‘my style’ 😉 I’ll have to look up Claudia.

          I read her about page. I think she and I, came from similar molds 😀

        • I love Claudia’s work! The traditionalists in haiku writing, following the 5-7-5 and kigo and cutting words misses the nuances of the English language, which is very different to Japanese. I’m yet to see a translation of Japanese haiku following the 5-7-5; it’s invariably much shorter in English so to get the essence of what is said and meant. I’ve been visiting The Haiku Foundation pages and the work presented as haiku definitely do not use only traditionalist writing. So: we’ll do what we like and if it works, good! Surely that is Zen? As you said, one writes for oneself first and if another finds value that is a good thing.

  4. I love this – “intelligence of dreams”. In so many meanings.

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