December 1, 2018 by petrujviljoen

Work in Progress
Copyright Petru J Viljoen

The artwork is unfinished

and so am I. I am undone.

29 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Suzanne says:

    Painting. Can really bring you undone sometimes. Its looking good tho.

    • Thanks Suzanne. I’ll hop on over to your blog to see what you’ve been up to lately. I was off line for a week so want to catch up. Hope you’re much better after the pneumonia.

  2. merrildsmith says:

    Oh, I like the idea of bird women. It makes me think of a photo of some unknown planet–lightning streaking over oceans. I think bird women live there.

    • We had a typical storm here the other day. The electricity was down for a day and a night – caused by lightning. It must’ve creeped in. And I’d love to live on a planet where bird women made a home!

  3. This makes me think of an aerial picture of the ocean with islands or volcanoes, and in between are white wispy things that could be clouds or birdmen.

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