Ink in Thirds #40


October 11, 2018 by petrujviljoen

tub of ointment;
a regular Pandora’s jar:
(originally not) hers to deal with

Inspired by Ink in Thirds and Pandora Revisited

fly in the ointment


12 thoughts on “Ink in Thirds #40

  1. Jules says:

    Interesting to read up on first Greek woman…Pandora or Anesidora :
    “…Pandora’s deceitful feminine nature becomes the least of humanity’s worries. For she brings with her a jar…containing “burdensome toil and sickness that brings death to men,” diseases and “a myriad other pains” …

    Oh, those pesky Gods 😉

  2. ladynyo says:

    So intriguing, Petru. I’m reading “The Miniaturist” and there is an echo in your poetry that reminds me of the mystery of that book. Very nice.

    • Thanks Jane! I’ll look up The Miniaturist and see what it is about. Be well.

      • ladynyo says:

        I love this book. Strange, mysterious and very very human.

        • Right! I’ll look it up! 🙂

        • ladynyo says:

          You know I just published “The Kimono” on 60 chapters of a novel. Took me 12 years to write. It’s an exciting book I am told by readers.

        • I’ll look it up too Jane. 🙂

        • ladynyo says:

          Thank you, Petru! It took me 12 years of research and writing to finish it. It’s a time warp (by a possessed kimono) from the 21st to 17th century Japan…with battles, intrigue, and a love story. I never thought I would finish it, but two weeks ago it was published on Amazon. I am relieved! 60 chapters and 350 pages of work.

        • Wow!! I’ve wondered if I have the staying power for a full novel.It takes serious commitment and belief in one’s own work and ability, talent rather. Serious congrats!

        • ladynyo says:

          Thank you, Petru. It started in 2007 when I bought an antique kimono. A black crepe tomesode, that a married woman would wear. It was a heavy crepe with a silver cloth that ran around the bottom and up the left side. 5 crests. I was so intrigued about this kimono and the crests that it started me into research on Japan in general, and the story just grew from that piece of cloth! I don’t think that most novelists take 12 years, but I have read that 10 is pretty much the standard. Of course, during that time, I wrote and published 6 other books on poetry, a novella (The Zar Tales) but the novel lay waiting. It possessed me as much as the Kimono possessed the main character in the book. At 70 I don’t know that I have the time or energy to write another (though I have three novels languishing ….I have serious doubts about them) but a writer keeps busy and interested in ‘stuff’. I thought the book was finished at Chapter 30, and my dear friend, Nick who was reading (for all those years) was so intrigued by the story that he said “you can’t finish it there….you need to write a few more chapters.” A few more chapters turned out to be 30 more chapters and I am glad I did. The story had much more substance to it, and it wrote itself. That ‘Zone’ thing. LOL! So, 60 chapters but it flies. The research for all those years certainly held up the story.

        • Love it. Weaving a tale from a woven cloth. Fantastic!

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