Reflection – Ink in Thirds


October 4, 2018 by petrujviljoen

’I am’ more
and more a blur

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6 thoughts on “Reflection – Ink in Thirds

  1. Jules says:

    Society seems to be grasping the internet faster than I…
    Too much importance is given to electronics.
    Medical advances are helpful, but shouldn’t the cost of care go down with the increase of the use of ease of the net?

    Why should we be reminded to have a dinner hour without our cell phones?
    Electronics can be a useful tool, when it works.
    But dependence on it leaves too much for the chance of identity theft.

    Though there was plenty of identity theft when Credit Cards first came out too.
    These are just some of the thoughts your simple verse triggered.

    I think I’ll go talk to the backyard squirrels now… sometimes they make more sense.

    • Ha-ha-ha!! Indeed talk to the squirrels rather and remember to give them my greetings. I have the wonderful privilege of listening in on a conversation between two starlings the other day and they had me positively laughing. Melodious and downright beautiful it was. An eagle flew over the area today and it’s shadow came right over me. I was in awe. And saw a cloud with a golden lining … wait, perhaps this should all go into a poem or haibun or something – but yes indeed, downtime from the comp is a great idea.

  2. Charley says:

    Much in few words. Peace and safety to you.

  3. susanmehr says:

    Penned beautifully, however, I see the society a blur when one’s strength marches to the beat of their own drum. 🙂

    • Well said! Listen , my internet connection is going for a loop it seems. If you don’t hear from me, that’s why. It’s the modem itself it seems. Bother!

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