Green – Ink in Thirds


July 19, 2018 by petrujviljoen

a canoe – the colour
of my mother’s kitchen. Here’s to you
and you and you who dares to sail away


Image copyright Ink in Thirds; All photography used for TLT purposes is licensed under Creative Commons Zero images.

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21 thoughts on “Green – Ink in Thirds

  1. I would love to see your mother’s green kitchen too.

    • It doesn’t exist any longer. And neither does she I’m sorry to say.

      • AH! I thought that might be the case. SO sorry. At least it exists for now in your mind. and I hope that you have happy connotations with this green kitchen. The green boats seems to suggest that you do have happy memories.

        • She’s been gone for more than ten years and I have some stuff here from her kitchen, including a fridge I’ve known all my life, which reminds me of her all the time. I’ll never be as good a housewife as her but I think I may have become a better cook she ever was. 🙂

        • How is it that there seems to be a competition between you and your mom.

        • Ek het dit as ‘n grappie bedoel. Ek dink nou nog party dae aan hoe hard sy gewerk het om kos in ons mae te kry. Heeldag gewerk (sy moes) en dan saens staan en kook en Sondae middagetes moes poeding ook bykry! Nie ‘n kans vir rus gehad nie. Toe kla ons nog dat ons die skottelgoed moes was! Weet nie hoe sy dit gedoen het en meesal haar humeur gehou het nie!

  2. E says:

    They’re both beautiful. Emerald gems.

  3. This poem is so simple and so very, very effective, like an old-fashioned valediction.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I like the way you have linked the colour of the canoes with your mother’s kitchen. I’ll be sailing soon myself – metaphorically speaking anyway. 🙂

    • Thanks Suzanne. Please have an easy transition. Hope you land on your feet at the new place. Adjusting to a new environment can be a bit of a thing at times. Best wishes.

  5. Jules says:

    Sailing in my dreams. A lovely color.

      • Jules says:

        We did get some rain this weekend.
        I even saw half a rainbow yesterday.
        More rain today, but a tad humid.

        Takes more than I have –
        no funds for or knowledge of boating,
        so dream on with full gossamer sails… 🙂

        • Although it’s winter and supposed to be dry we had a bit of rain too. And true cold! 4 degrees Celsius at 8.30 in the morning! So, no, no sailing for me either – I neither have to or want to!

        • Jules says:

          Oh, 40 F that’s not to bad. But weather temps are all relative to what one is used to.
          I’m in a 3 month four season area in Pennsylvania. Summer for the moment… but then don’t blink. 😉

  6. qbit says:

    Loved that!

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