Queen of Spades


July 15, 2018 by petrujviljoen

queen of spades flushed
out and in the open – still
– it’s me I’m praying for


12 thoughts on “Queen of Spades

  1. Hi Petru – It has been a while – Your work is coming out splendidly – I hope this finds you well! B

    • Thanks for thinking the work is getting better Bruce. A stressful time, very, but the work gets one through. Be well. P

      • Dear Petru – I MEANT to say (before I actually said what I did) that your haiku’s are cool, but your piece on your cat catching a bird and it surviving in your hat and sweater with you, is Great. I don’t know what you call that type of writing, but it had me coo-ing. Tough times here too – I’ve been in hospital again and took a mental health break from the computer which was beginning to haunt me. B

        • Thanks Bruce. I saw you weren’t posting. I can also get a bit involved on the internet and am about to take a break for a week or two just to actually have a life of sorts. It gets addictive. I’m not sure we’re not being flashed with subliminal notices to hook us in further. You must be glad to be back home.

        • I get removed from the security of my livingplace and taken across the country because of the shortage of beds they say and end up in a strange place surrounded by strange people and I am supposed to recover from trauma! which they will talk about but won’t recognise. OH well. Other than that I have not a responsibility in the world except to myself. So I choose to live like a poet sometimes, rather feral-ly ! X

        • Therapy at government cost isn’t the cosiest situation – I’ve been there! At least they let one go at some point. Be well Bruce.

  2. Jules says:

    I believe praying for oneself is very much allowed by most faiths.
    Recovery of any situation that has us off kilter, starts with the self.

  3. qbit says:

    Terrific last line!!

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