February 18, 2018 by petrujviljoen

a rose arranged
in an artwork of the earth
two stories above it

Dedicated to Cyril Ramaphosa


Linked to Frank J Tassone’s haikai challenge – President’s day. Since South Africa has a brand new President at its helm, I thought it fitting to dedicate this to President Cyril Ramaphosa.


20 thoughts on “Arose

  1. Jules says:

    If you look closely at the photo you can see a spider lurking under a petal.
    I like the art work of earth aspect.
    But once into politics I am lost.

    But we can hope for the best and later offer bouquets of gratitude – if earned.

  2. aloha Petrujviljoen. i like the way your words make me stop and see. cool on that. aloha r.

  3. Even his name is reminiscent of ‘rose’.

    • I just looked up the origin of his name and couldn’t find anything. There are many ethnic groups in South Africa and he is a Venda, whose language is very difficult to learn. When the colonialists (the Dutch at first, later the British) arrived way back in 1652 all indigenous peoples were given a western (first) name and the practice continues to this day. His tribal first name is Matamela – so Matamela Ramaphosa – very musical I think. A rose by any other name … 🙂

      • Let’s hope he has something of the rose in his nature 🙂

        • I’m thinking to better wait and see how and if he can deliver us from the mess we’re in before I heap any more praises on the guy! Roses are known for their thorns and I’m thinking this is deteriorating into a cliche! 🙂 I want to see some butts in jail and a cabinet shake-up before another word of praise comes out of my pen!

        • That’s what I like to hear! I have a visceral distrust of most politicians, and African politicians are no exception. Deeds and actions first—praise later.

        • Quite! The guy’s a billionaire after all. When Jacob Zuma finally, finally was made to resign the news media used the price of the Rand (our currency) to indicate what good is being wrought. Not a word of human dignity restored, hope of integrity achieved!

        • Well that’s no real surprise. You have to be cynical about the motivation of all these people, who they owe their jobs to, which foreign powers they are in hock to, what dodgy business deals they have to hide etc etc

        • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could trust them?

        • There were a few – weren’t there? whom power did not corrupt?

        • There must have been but they tend to hang around in politics for too long. It becomes a hermetically sealed world where arguing with members of the opposition is about keeping your job, not about doing any good with your power. They lose touch and their world becomes a world of power and influence and hanging onto it. The rest, outside are just the voters who have to be sweetened up every five years or so when the elections come round. Otherwise they may as well not exist. They just don’t understand or care about ordinary people any more. They despise us, for the most part.
          Well, that was quite a rant!

        • Good for you!! It’s all of it true!

        • I wish it wasn’t!

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