Quadrille (50) for Dverse


February 12, 2018 by petrujviljoen

after the role-play (starred), at end of (harsh) day, after curtains were (firmly) drawn, after the mask (familiar) was removed, when what’s left is reality (stark) – and misread.

below the shallow
where water purls and murmurs
just there, there it is

… the abiding mystery

034 (450x414)

Copyright Petru J Viljoen


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25 thoughts on “Quadrille (50) for Dverse

  1. Great sounds in this poem- I like the emphasis that the parentheses give to the sound. Nice one!

  2. Frank Hubeny says:

    I like how the mystery is not far away but needs to be pointed out.

  3. Kathy Reed says:

    Love the water purling and murmuring..as the authentic persona is revealed.

  4. rothpoetry says:

    Nice! The mystery continues from the poem into the glass… Love the Photo!!

  5. memadtwo says:

    I had that kind of day yesterday, too…(K)

  6. kim881 says:

    A chilling Quadrille, especially those words in brackets and ‘misread’.

  7. This one has such a rhythm and drawing me along. What impact.

  8. This gave me shivers thinking about the outcome.

  9. Waltermarks says:

    An excellent example of who we are. We are all a mystery at our core. Your verse echoes the picture well. The swirling eddies on the surface hide what lurks beneath

  10. Charley says:

    What a cool image to go with your cool poem! Nice.

  11. jillys2016 says:

    This is captivating.

  12. Vivian Zems says:

    This is poetic strip-tease….literally! You peel off layers one by one……and yet ( at the unveiling) a mystery. Perfect.

  13. lillian says:

    This is a mystical tale and a wonderful write for the prompt! LOVE it!

  14. whimsygizmo says:

    I love all those parens, and where they lead me. Love the visual, and the effect of the words coupled with it. Wonderful.

  15. Jo-Anne Teal says:

    This piece unfolds in such a plaintive way that when I reached the last two lines I had to take in my breath. Wonderfully realized.

  16. The masks removed and the curtains drawn.. only then we dare to see the mystery…

    love that you tell us of it.

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