*^&% Tourists!


December 26, 2017 by petrujviljoen

Why do people come here? To paradise. Invariably the answer: quiet, peace, beauty (and privilege) of nature, it’s off the beaten track. Privacy. The last mentioned.

Right! Then? – Hallo everyone! WE are here! The resentment when one is unimpressed.

What’s of vital importance to the one is in equal, immediate and direct opposition to other’s. The reverence for silence. The near total disregard of it. Tell them: listen to space (or for it – if they haven’t realized it yet). They run for their CD-players in terror. Switch off the lights, you’ll see the stillness. They pour blinking lights over several trees. So they can bear it, not get lost. Not see how unimportant they (we) are.

a terrible beast
ego’s need to be heard, seen
levied as a right

21 thoughts on “*^&% Tourists!

  1. Charley says:

    I was a wilderness guide as a teen. Canoe treks. 100 miles in ten days. Lakes and portages. Bare bones. Taking younger teenage boys into northern Minnesota and southern Manitoba. It freaked the city kids out to discover no radio coverage and the only lights at night (beyond flashlight and campfire) was starlight and the moon.

    We light up the night and make noise because of what we fear exists in the dark (outside or within?).

    Beautiful rant haibun! A new form? 🙂

    • If a haibun can be a rant as a form of poetry I’m sticking to it. It certainly forces ME to calm down and consider. I emailed it to the relevant people and they’re very cross with me!

  2. Tourism has destroyed so much that was beautiful, covering it over in concrete and night clubs. Having ruined what they can of the obvious attractions, the promotors are moving into the ‘off the beaten track’ places in search of ‘authenticity’ peace and quiet’ so they can ruin that too. Why can’t people just stay at home? I don’t feel the need to touch an elephant to appreciate its wildness.

    • We’re only the few houses here, on land owned by a commercial pine plantation. We are a few private lessees. My direct neighbours come here only during holiday season. Now lately it appears they’ve started charging fees for people to use their house, seldom at this stage but it will escalate for sure if one lets them get away with it!

      • You’ll have big game hunters firing up in your front garden before long. If’s there’s a buck to me made, some people are always up for it.

        • No big game in the immediate vicinity but for the baboons. I’ve been watching for people with their toys though – we do have quite a few deer as well. Then there are the eagles and so on. Kids with bb-guns will get it from me and it’s a promise. Their parents can stand by and watch how it’s done! Relax! Relax! I won’t beat them!

        • It’s such fun hurting things, isn’t it? And killing things is even more fun. There was a story in the local paper today about yet another red deer stag seeking shelter from an organized hunt in someone’s garden. The owners of the property refused to let the hunters in to kill the deer and after the entire village including the mayor had rallied round to prevent them forcing their way in, the hounds were called off, the hunters seen off, and the deer was escorted back into the forest. The mayor was interviewed and said that’s what all hunters could expect if they tried to kill an animal that had sought shelter with decent human beings.

        • Now that’s balm for my soul! That the hunters actually meant to force their way onto a private property! I despise the arrogance!

        • They do it all the time! This story was in response to another stag takes refuge in private garden story a couple of months ago. The same thing happened, a stag brought to bay just under someone’s window, owner goes out and locks the garden gate so the hunters can’t get in, calls for reinforcements and one of the murderers climbed the wall and shot it anyway. They claim it’s their right to finish off what they start. In this latest case, the hunters were forcibly seen off the premises and told not to come back, ever, by the mayor, no less. Things are changing.

        • The neighbours this haibun is about have new visitors – after posting and commenting I wondered if they’d (the new visitors) want to shoot a buck for the pot? I once considered placing myself between another neighbour and a baboon I suspect he had his sights on. Thankfully nothing happened. An irritated baboon can be a dangerous thing!

        • No doubt someone will decide that baboons make excellent trophies. Especially if that’s all there is handy to shoot.

  3. julespaige says:

    Also… I have visited some islands – and it is the demand for tourism that bleeds paradise dry…
    all the shops that sell the same things at home. I would rather find something different with history and native beauty. Even just a photograph… that could be, should be enough to help a memory.

  4. julespaige says:

    It is criminal to lit up that which needs nothing other than the sun or the stars…
    Yet tourist seek the familiar even when they are the strangers.

  5. Sadly they are incapable of SEEING. All they want is hype and noise. When they go we can enjoy our paradise again. Folks I knew who lived in Pilgrims years ago said. “At Easter, we move out and the bikers move in.” Things have not improved. I feel for you.

  6. jillys2016 says:

    Rant on, my friend! Well said. (This, from one who also lives in tourist central.)

    • The thing is, where I am is in fact NOT a tourist resort even if the larger area is a toursit attraction. We’re off the beaten track, but guests behave as if it is.

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