August 19, 2017 by petrujviljoen

husband, boss and G-d her masters

Her ankles swollen her feet are burning

Her hands are chapped, extremities cracking


she turns away, turns her back

Serve! in the kitchen!

she turns her back


closing the (back) door behind her.

down the path, out the gate she

turns a (round) corner.


going crazy turning (away)

their god judged

her feet are burning (a)way


She comes to a d(i)airy – cows dancing all over the place with the legend on the window:


Angel’s Mercy


Plenty in stock


the cows delightedly go on dancing. Enjoying their day. The next morning she was a bit woozy. but unafraid. Now. Refrained from giving Them her number. Avoiding (judgment. Day’s) eye blinking awake as she look,


pottering about (a)while flop-

ping among the shadows


mother mother mother


turning, whirling, the cows en-

joy their day


a pocket full of posies


searching, pottering a-

bout in the shadows


all fall down!





Starry, starry night!



two. now.  Her God talking –

‘’Eve never was an after-thought’’


back in Her kitchen

dishing for Herself

turning to Her day


10 thoughts on “Plenty

  1. julespaige says:

    Women in general then, and now do not seem to get the respect they deserve.
    The secrets kept, keep them strong… to a point.

  2. E says:

    You wove secrets in their, I’m decoding. One things for sure Eve was definitely not an after thought. 😉

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