South Africa – National Woman’s Day


August 9, 2017 by petrujviljoen

DISCLAIMER: The Good Men reading this, you know who you are, this is not for you and thanks for the support. This also acts as a trigger-warning.

A series of tanka and haiku – no apologies


Highest statistics

Of woman abuse worldwide

– South Africa’s shame

Thugs, real thugs, rule the country

Donald Trump, eat your heart out


Tired, worn, crumpled

Bad man, why you pick on me?

– I’m a soft target

Ah! Fight someone your own size

Coward! Beating up on me!


Living fear often

Heart-thumping, crippling, blind fear.

Really! Do you understand?


A local slogan

‘I’m a woman I’m a rock’

– toppled and shattered


on a walk, alone,

the road bends and there’s a man

– piss run down my leg

Five tranquilisers

and five long hours it took

– a panic attack


As much as I can take in one sitting of a 20-minute write.

Happy Woman’s Day South Africa!


15 thoughts on “South Africa – National Woman’s Day

  1. E says:

    Sitting with those images could be a reformative experience for those other kinds of men. Your poem should become required reading.

  2. Between Reason says:

    The first piece was very sharp. Well done on the entire body.

  3. thesignaregriotte says:

    Tragedy beautifully expressed. Heart wrenching. And I agree Trump, some men, no heart. America is definitely struggling too. The world can be such a mess. Sending love!

  4. AnnIsikArts says:

    Only one problem with this – Donald Trump has no heart to eat out. Whatever he eats to maintain his magnificent physique, it’s not his own heart.

  5. Your words have a lot of power.

  6. Charley says:

    I won’t deny the possibility of the brutality of men. And the needfulness of men to stand as heroes.

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