July 8, 2017 by petrujviljoen

Raven q(r)uark, crassing, voicing,

mate circling a similar air.

Independent, minded, capable

of linguistic displacement, weighted

with significant information –

it was present at inception.


I don’t have rules as to where this should go by whoever takes this up next.

Posted as part of July Challenge hosted by the brave Jilly over at

We write a first half to be completed by another intrepid poet. Come and play!


10 thoughts on “Song

  1. […] Physics take on Petru’s (petrujviljoen) Song. Latest attempt at Jilly’s July […]

  2. jillys2016 says:

    We are doing a wrap-up & feedback on the July Challenge in Collaborative Poetry. I would welcome any feedback you care to offer. So glad you joined in! Jilly

  3. Charley says:

    Hi. Before you read this, just know that I meant no disrespect. Someone advised me to go with the sounds of the poem… but I’m just a tad crazy. You know that if you’ve read my writing. So… um, it is….

  4. […] my apologies to Petrujviljoen, who submitted the first half of “Song,” to Jill’s Casting Bricks July challenge.  It’s late at night… the […]

  5. […] was the most recent to join in the July Challenge with her thought-provoking half-poem entitled Song.  Moving out of form poetry (which I love dearly) and into free verse is always a free floating […]

  6. Suzanne says:

    I like this. I drew a raven in my journal this morning. I think he flew into my dreams. I’ll check out the link you mention. Did you know I am now hosting a haiku and related forms challenge now too – here’s the link if you are interested

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