The Old Hum – Collaboration


July 7, 2017 by petrujviljoen

Over at Jilly’s we’re doing a July Challenge. I’m taking up Nosaintaugustine on her first half, completing it with the same amount of lines and hopefully matching content. Come and play! I post the whole combined poem. The mobsters of Nosaint inspired a take on South African politics. Robben Island, just off the Cape coast was where Nelson Mandela and other political activists were imprisoned. Let’s hope the famous island will see another kind of prisoner(s) – soon!


Memory is a prison

A refrigerator buzz

While I make tostadas

A hum over mumbling

Mobsters on the box

A-wandering, mapless

A baroque Sicilian plot


Memory is a prison

Crow cawing in space

Circling a parameter

stretching outward

Earthbound policy,

Holding forth as strategy

Crow’s calling a warning –

Robben Island’s a prison





8 thoughts on “The Old Hum – Collaboration

  1. […] collaboration, this time with Lynn Burton in the July Challenge hosted by Jilly […]

  2. qbit says:

    Yes!! Crow cawing in space takes this to an amazing place. And ending in on Robbins Island – wow!

  3. This is great! That’s exactly what I was hoping, that you would make it specific to your own experience. Love the juxtaposition of crow and space with earthbound and a literal prison. Nice work!

  4. jillys2016 says:

    Well done, Petru! The full-circle feel is intensified by the crow image. Justice is a fleeting thing in this world.
    Would love to have you post a half-poem for the July Challenge. The collaborative poetry is stretching us, and what a delighful work-out!

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