June 21, 2017 by petrujviljoen

mos 5 (479x700)

Image & Text, copyright Petru J Viljoen

The garden, where I usually am, this time of day. The resident owl comes flying right over. Impressive, close, lands on the fence right by me.  A reminder … something … it’s gone. How unfortunate, texting, distracting from what’s real.

night’s early hour …

There! The silent owl. How … who

are you? Really here?

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26 thoughts on “Sign

  1. sanaarizvi says:

    I would love to have an owl that close by! Beautifully penned!

  2. lillian says:

    Shaking my head at tht truth of your words here. How many “signs” are missed with someone’s head down, thumbs flying? We go out to dinner, at a family restaurant, and look around at the tables. So many children with heads down, looking at or playing with their “devices” instead of learning the joys of talking, sharing, communicating across the table at a meal. Socializing has given way to “social” media which, when you think about it, is anything but social. Sigh….who…whoooo….hoot indeed.

  3. Mish says:

    Recognizing what you may have missed the first time….that may have been the owl’s message. Lovely sketch. Thanks for joining in with the prompt.

  4. Jana H White says:

    It’s like you in an owl costume Petru….!

  5. Very powerful sign, I would imagine. I enjoyed your sketch. Charcoal or graphite?

  6. Did he stay long enough to impart some wisdom? What a neat experience! Thanks for sharing.

  7. frankhubeny says:

    That’s a wonderful image. I particularly liked the bird’s left eye (from the bird’s perspective). I like your haibun reminding us to pay attention.

    • Thanks Frank. It’s an old drawing, an illustration for a sort of children’s story I wrote called The Mouse, The Owl and The Snake. It’s on my blog somewhere. It’s almost as if the owl is lifting an eyebrow at one isn’t it? Just came out that way.

  8. Charley says:

    I have a dream where everyone one I really want to interact with is within speaking distance. My phone ends up at the bottom of the pond. Except that I use it for photography. We have Bard (Barred?) Owls here (among others), and they vocalize (who-cooks-for-you?). Hungry buggers! Beautiful haiku!

  9. lynn__ says:

    I like your drawing…owls have a presence, don’t they?!

  10. Grace says:

    I hear the owl nearby but I can’t find it ~ Would be marvelous to see it up close ~ Love the sketch ~

  11. Sumana Roy says:

    ‘The silent owl’…so intimidating…they know what to do…wonderful sketch…

  12. I would love to have an owl that close by… love it.

  13. Yes! They are striking and huge when up close. Cool drawing- clever haiku!

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