Going Offline


September 7, 2016 by petrujviljoen

If it appears as if I’ve disappeared, I haven’t. A pinched nerve in my shoulder due to incessant use of the cursor on the computer, not sitting correctly and not doing enough exercise has become problematic and the nerve would have to become unpinched or else!

Be back later …


12 thoughts on “Going Offline

  1. AnnIsikArts says:

    I hope you’re getting the medical help you need and starting to feel better. 🙂 Ann


    • I haven’t seen a doctor. Did feel better but not anymore. Don’t know what’s up. Will do yoga exercises more often and regularly.

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      • AnnIsikArts says:

        So sorry to read you are still having physical problems. Nothing worse than that sort of pain.

        I had a pinched nerve, well three, in my neck, (Cs4, 5, 6) when I was at university, due to osteophytes (bony outgrowths from the cervical spine) which totally incapacitated me and caused ceaseless pain that radiated down my left arm to my hand. As I’m left-handed I couldn’t even write my name. Painkillers would not get rid of the pain but made me sick and stupid. In the end, I managed to get it sorted out with traction, 15 minutes a day, to stretch the bones and release the nerve pressure. Within a week, the pain began to recede. Within two, I was as back to normal as I was ever going to be – damage is damage. During the painful period I got little sleep. It helped to have a hot shower, then sit with a bag of frozen peas on my neck, my feet on a hot water bottle, reading a book until I fell asleep again for another few hours. The frozen peas numbed the area. I recommend those. I recommend traction, so suggest you find an osteopath, who would probably want x-rays so he or she knows exactly what the problem is. Sorry to read about these physical difficulties. On the psycho-emotional side of things, shoulder pain is said to be – rather obviously – about difficulties ‘shouldering burdens’, ‘putting one’s shoulder to the wheel’, etc. Or are you getting ‘the cold shoulder’ from someone or ones? You can see where I’m going. I suppose a trapped nerve would indicate a trapped communication flow/energy flow as a cause to the problem. I have a handy little ultrasound massager thing that fixed my heels (Achilles Tendonitis or something like that) in no time, along with ortho clogs (FitFlops). It was a bit expensive but worth it (about £100). Yoga might help ‘stretch’ the bones and free the nerve, of course, too.

        Don’t know if any of the above will help, or the ‘healing waves’ I am envisioning for you. Hope so. Take care. Ann


  2. Sorry about that Petro. Hope you get it unpinched soon. Frustration!

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  3. Hope your shoulder is feeling better.

    Just to say I had a review from a friend, positive, and the pressure is off – suddenly I am thinking I asked a lot of you to read my crap!

    Sp please Petru, don’t feel obliged. Isn’t it odd though that I happened to have a story up my sleeve?

    Inadvertantly You made me DO IT and SEND it to a PUBLISHER after about two years online.

    Take care and have a good evening.



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  4. Wishing you well, with unpinched nerve, soon!

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