Haibun Monday, Night Sky


September 5, 2016 by petrujviljoen

Crickets have started. It’s still early. It’s the last half hour of day’s drama – topmost sky turns indigo, paling to soft light blue blending to pale yellow. A violet line along the deep green horizon. Valleys disappear. Orange, pink, violet wisps streak the sky. Long after the sun bid goodnight.

First star appears, brightens, throbs. More and more, a great very many more. Present to, in the night.


work of light being

handed over to the night

stardom triumphant


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30 thoughts on “Haibun Monday, Night Sky

  1. Anita Lubesh says:

    I like the handing over of a shift, a watch described beautifuly.

  2. lynn__ says:

    Dramatic description of transition from day to night!

  3. AnnIsikArts says:

    I like ‘stardom’ – a kingdom of stars. 🙂

  4. Very beautiful imagery. I love the crickets introducing the whole scene.

  5. lillian says:

    Stardom triumphant indeed. And I love that violet line. Beautifully descriptive.

  6. Grace says:

    Love the vibrant colors as the sun bids us goodnight. A lovely haibun !

  7. Beautifully described and written. Poetic. Romantic.

  8. maria says:

    Oh, I wait in anticipation of the unveiling of the night sky. Beautiful!

  9. Sumana Roy says:

    like someone already said, you’ve displayed a gorgeous painting; love how night brightens up, little by little, starting with a single star…’stardom triumphant’…wow…

  10. kim881 says:

    After the colour imagery in your prose, that is a beautiful haiku – I love the idea of night taking over from day and triumphant stars!

  11. Cricket SinGs
    SonGs of starliT
    Voice.. WinGs
    oFF SinG
    lonEly fields
    aS Night breaThes..

    Rhythm.. beAT
    and Song SinGs.. oN..
    starliGht Cricket Bands..:)

  12. rosemawrites says:

    love the beat and the colors of this lovely poem! ❤

  13. Sherry Marr says:

    “Stardom triumphant.” I love that!

  14. Nan Mykel says:

    Oh. great! I see you really took your time to absorb it. What a nice concept, the night taking over the light. I like “violet wisps,” too.

  15. thotpurge says:

    All those amazing colours!!

  16. I love the idea of the sun clocking off and handing the job over to the stars. I suppose the sun is a star, too. This is such a visual haibun, like reading a painting.

  17. The colors and the way you give the light to night is spectacular… what a crescendo for stardom

  18. kanzensakura says:

    I love how you present the stars in the night to us.

  19. Joon says:

    This is gorgeous. I especially like all the colors.

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