Romance – haibun Monday, Dverse


August 8, 2016 by petrujviljoen

heart Leonardo_da_vinci,_Heart_and_its_Blood_Vessels


The guy didn’t know me. Not well. Not then. I was new in town. A small town in the country. I forget how we met but we got talking, found we are from the same city, are the same age, like the same music, agreed on politics. Later in the conversation, in what I thought of as a meeting of minds, I realised he meant to take things further. A lot further. He sounded me out about my financial independence, told me about his wife who passed away, how she looked after his shirts, sewed on buttons and cooked his favourite food and shed a tear or two to see if I’d take him in my arms to console him – like a kid who stubbed his toe. I nearly laughed. It has been so long! I tried to tell him softly, (the only cleaning I do is between art projects) his talk was killing my song. He missed all the warning signals, until the gong …

I am woman, true

to how I need to live life;

alone – with my soul


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I’m very pleased to announce a three line micro poem of mine will feature in the October edition of Ink in Thirds, an online magazine publishing poised prose, elegant poetry and photography. Editions will be made available in print too. They have a three-line-Thursday event – one posts micro poetry in the comment section which has proven popular. Check it out.

49 thoughts on “Romance – haibun Monday, Dverse

  1. Mish says:

    Oh that put a smirk on my face. Good for you for staying true to yourself. 🙂

  2. Barry D. says:

    *insert record needle-skip here*

    Loved this. Everything about this is original and amazing. Talk about wanting two different things! The senryu is a perfect poetic punctuation to leaving that dude to his unmended shirts.

  3. Bryan Ens says:

    Not often that we hear a tale of unrequited love from the POV of the…um…unrequiter?

  4. Misky says:

    That haiku just reinforces your independent nature!

  5. It sounded like he was too wrapped up in his own needs to pay attention to yours. Good for you, for standing fast!

  6. So wonderful to be true to who you are. Love it! And congrats on the publication.

  7. lynn__ says:

    I admire your happy independence…and congratulations on being published!!

  8. Josslyn Rae Turner says:

    Great story! Love the ending. 🙂 Your senryu is beautiful too. 🙂

  9. Some odd guys can’t seem to notice or aren’t able to read the hints. Insensitive guys are best left alone. One decides to do one’s own things and enjoy every minute of it. Very true Petru!


  10. kim881 says:

    I enjoyed the whole haibun, but that haiku is so true!

  11. Rosemary Nissen-Wade says:

    I have had the best of both worlds. Widowed after a very happy and compatible marriage, I am now happy to ‘live life; / alone – with my soul’. (Ha ha, when my late husband and I first got together, I told him: ‘And don’t expect me to be washing your socks, and so forth.’ He said with some dignity, ‘I’ve been washing my own for 20 years. I think I can manage.’ (In practice, we both did the cleaning and cooking – whoever felt least reluctant at any given time, and/or could tear themselves away from the latest writing project; and sometimes we did it together.)

    • Smiling very broadly here. What a beautiful marriage it must have been. Now, in your solitude you are blessed with memories that continues to support your life. I love a happy ending!

  12. PETRUJVILJOEN.. sMiles..
    my friEnd.. not that it matters
    the lEast iN poetry
    land or anywhere
    else wHere a soUL
    SinGs true but
    i never kNew
    are a
    until now…

    funny how the feeling
    mind works now around
    all caps of a name my
    friEnd.. anyway.. good
    to see you aGain..
    and may
    come your way..
    in whatever way you
    like.. toGeTher or lone..

    And like honest Abe
    says.. i cannot tale a lie..
    my wife Isis is both mother..
    sister and a little bit of wife…

    And i my
    friEnd am
    thE real Peter
    pan as Pan..
    iN my own
    noW of
    land now..
    but a nice
    one folks tale
    me as i never have
    a stress with Isis putting
    me back toGether AgaiN.. the good
    Goddess and not the F iN head hunters..
    and bEfore i came back from a River Styx..
    sure i
    too.. and
    i suppose all
    my words are HoruS now..
    aT lEAst iN pArt of ArT my FriENd..;)

  13. rosemawrites says:

    oh. that was one good decision. 🙂

  14. maria says:

    Glad to know that you’ve hear the gong. 🙂

  15. Grace says:

    He surely missed the warning signs. Good for you to leave him, instead of acting like a mother to him. Live your own life, cheers~

  16. Really strong piece – you’re so wise!

  17. Nato says:

    Love it! It was just perfect and congrats on your poem being published.

  18. whimsygizmo says:

    “his talk was killing my song”

    This touches me deeply, and reminds me of a pastlife thankfully left behind.

  19. At least you saw the warning signs even if he didn’t. Great piece.

  20. kanzensakura says:

    Oh my heart! He wanted another mother! you were wise to push him away and go your own way. Sometimes, that is just the way it goes. Nice senryu at the end.

  21. Congratulations Petru. You will be famous yet. xx L

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