May 11, 2016 by petrujviljoen

a Chain of events

Photo and text Copyright Petru J Viljoen

Time-encrusted chain of a non-event

found in newly turned soil in

an epoch of gardening where

there was, recently, none before.


Unbroken, irrevocably locked

but no door. Not anymore.

Nothing. Not a splinter left.


Having a holiday from the self

(gardening is the best diversion)

finding a remnant of someone else’s

past. They did want to visit, but I didn’t

ask their names.


This originally appeared as a correspondence to the Claudia McGill Museum

The prose got tweaked and is re-presented at the Dverse Bar where we have a new bar tender called Lillian who suggested a ‘door’ as a topic. The diversity of insights, as usual, astounds. Click the link to read more poetry or get to know this pub a bit better. It takes all sorts, I can tell you.

24 thoughts on “Uneventful

  1. An amazing poem, full of meaning and metaphor, and also realness in the physical world!
    I loved this opening:
    “Time-encrusted chain of a non-event
    found in newly turned soil in
    an epoch of gardening where
    there was, recently, none before.”

  2. PSC says:

    “finding a remnant of someone else’s past.” — I love that! So intriguing! Sets the mind to mulling over other lives. Very nice!

  3. Ah.. LiFe rEborn iN Art
    GarDen iNside
    gRoWs ouTside..
    aboVe.. so beloW
    and aLL aRound..
    morE.. aS
    Big Bang
    aBove.. Big
    Bang beLow..
    hUmans no
    boMb oF
    LiFe.. noT ForLorn..:)

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Incredible piece; feels like something more real than imagined. Abandoned car hulks in fields give me the same eerie feeling. I love that image. I set up a photography site on FB; would love to have U check it out, possibly join & participate; open to the public site:

    • Thanks for the visit! Yes, it is a real event. People that used to live here some time ago, decades ago, came for a nostalgic visit – I’ve seen it often. I didn’t invite them in.

    • Off to the facebook site. I don’t do facebook, have issues with the site, but if your photos are open to the public I’d be able to view the work.

  5. Love this–I had something untoward happen today (not anything major) and took my frustration out on the weeks in my rose garden. So cathartic is gardening.

  6. Grace says:

    How interesting to find a remnant of someone’s past ~ Hope you enjoyed the gardening nonetheless ~

  7. finding a remnant of someone else’s past….. That does make one wonder about the past. I love the visit even if we never know their names. : )

  8. This has set my imagination on fire – thank you.

  9. whimsygizmo says:

    I love (and am intrigued by) that last line, especially. Just a great take on the prompt.

  10. lillian says:

    This is quite a remarkable take on the prompt…the chains…locked but no remnants of the door…a remnant of someone else’s past found while gardening. Juxtaposing the gardening, planting of new life, next to remnant’s odiferous someone’s past — so thought provoking. The distance between represented so well by wring there is not even a splinter left. Thank you for posting!

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