Dada for South Africa – Duh!

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March 20, 2016 by petrujviljoen

Invisible Women

Photograph copyright to Sabelo Mlangeni from the exhibition, Invisible Women, 2007.


Dada for South Africa – maybe how things may have been if.

The ANCYL president, on President axe several Gupta officials.

The call was made in Kimberley ironically,

the hometown disclosed the controversial family.

Mentor the first.  ‘’also the story of ANC

Women’s League’s skeletons hell will break loose.’”

examples of stories that were dumped, another

reporter said a report disgruntled.


This is how it is for us censorship becomes; are seen

to be negative and casting the government,

the national broadcaster’s editorial integrity ANC and

President Zuma in a bad light,” she said about timing to

open a “can of worms” we are planning the National Assembly.

We also dropped the story naive Zuma discovered.


Many didn’t.


The ‘First Family’ has cost the Gupta family a live show who

sits in the rules for impeachment. Impeached SA, in this process

souls consumed. Bizarre Parliament pressure. President Jacob

Zuma fracas reverberated. Mentor the first. Coincidence.

Consideration exploded the Guptas.


Tuesday’s fracas led to A bombshell admission launched,

addressed and released. Reverberated.

On the Record. Veterans urge #ANCNEC to take

corrective action while South Africans who suffer.

So does the Real Women (NOT ANCWL).

The First Family aided, state capture is halted and justice abetted.

Watershed moments, urgent choices, we have reached the best



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