Balance isn’t always necessary


February 22, 2016 by petrujviljoen

Written for Carpe Diem: theme as above.

spider solitaire a

A dragon fly flew in through the slightly open window. It was already late. As with Issa, I keep house casually. A long legged spider webbed itself a spot in the corner close to the floor between the bedside table and the wall. Noticed it yesterday. I foresaw the dragon fly getting entangled. A shoe on the floor close by got tossed, breaking the web, scattering the spider. Just in time too.

dragon fly, alive

set on the  wooden lamp stand –

safe, stilled; spent the night


7 thoughts on “Balance isn’t always necessary

  1. janicead says:

    My kind of house keeper!


  2. Choices choices.. spider or dragonfly… we have to make a decision.


  3. I love this, story and poem.


  4. gillena says:

    Lucky for the dragonfly. Thanks for dropping in to read mine

    Much love…

    Liked by 1 person

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