News of Two Friends From Far Away


December 10, 2015 by petrujviljoen

The Claudia McGill Museum has finally taken up these artefacts into its collection, here displayed. Kindly visit the original site and explore the other objects at your leisure.

Claudia McGill Museum

From South Africa, in fact.

Oh my goodness. What stalwart survivors these are!

– Claudia McGill, curator

These images were sent by Petru, a loyal and supportive follower of the Museum, though she is so far away from it. (Take a look at her earlier contribution and you will understand that looking down can be an activity that occurs anywhere and anytime, and that’s a good thing, isn’t it?)

“These nails exemplify the process of birth, life, and old age,” said Claudia McGill, Museum consultant on the psychology of metal objects and self-taught but still worth listening to expert on their life cycles. “You can see that they have done their work and now  they are retired from holding things together. ‘Let the younger generation do that now, they seem to be saying. We would like to relax out in the sunshine.'”

“I’m very impressed with their attitude toward life,”…

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One thought on “News of Two Friends From Far Away

  1. The Museum thanks you! And hopes to hear from you again. And – anyone else who enjoys the thrill of the hunt of things found on the ground, mostly metal but not always, but always intriguing, let us know. The Curator is not always on a quick schedule, but she is relentless in her dedication to the Collection and Collectors…

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