November 2, 2015 by petrujviljoen

Raising awareness – if anyone can help, please follow the Molivos Starfish link please.

carol p. christ photo michael bakasI am washing wet clothes cast off by refugees who crossed the Sea of Death, the new name for channel only 4 nautical miles wide that separates Turkey and Lesbos. A tiny pink long-sleeved shirt with a boat neck, for a girl, size 3 months. The channel was relatively safe in the spring and summer, even though people were pushed into black rubber dinghies wearing illegal life jackets that would not float. A pair of leggings with feet, grey with pink, orange, brown, white, and blue polka-dots, to be worn over diapers. North winds have made the journey treacherous.

I am not on the front lines, pulling wet children alive and dead from the sea. I think my heart would break. Tiny black stretch pants with nylon sequined bows at the knees, size 2 years. My friends were in the harbor when an overcrowded fishing boat collapsed, throwing 300 people…

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18 thoughts on “CROSSING THE SEA OF DEATH by Carol P. Christ

  1. bethanyk says:

    This post breaks my heart. To think of the desperate individuals….very very upsetting.

  2. Thank you! I reblogged it, and mentioned you.
    I’ve been following this tragedy, and it breaks my heart over and over again. I’ve contributed to MSF, and will help through the channel that this post mentions, as well.
    Haven’t seen you in a while, PViljoen! Hope you’re well.

    • Thanks, it’s terrible! I wonder why I don’t get your posts in my reader any more? I see your active. Will press the follow bottom again, that’s all.

      • I’ve seen this issue before with someone else

      • Sorry — I hit the post button before I knew it. I wonder why that’s happening. Another person said he didn’t see my posts in his reader anymore, and sounded sad about it. I told him to just go ahead and bookmark my blog, if he was interested.
        I guess we should alert WP about this odd phenomenon.

        • I see a whole new make over of your blog. It’s beautiful. Tried to comment on the blog about Holly’s sadness at you ignoring her/him. My cat does the same.

        • Thank you so much! I got tired of the old format, for which I’d paid (foolishly), and went with the free theme which I now have, which is much cleaner. I like the “Menu” that keeps all my other information from distracting a reader. I even added a large number of songs from my collection.
          Thanks again for visiting and commenting. So happy to see you again!

        • bethanyk says:

          I know this post is from a long time ago as it is 2017 now but I have the same things happen. I get used to seeing a person’s post and then they disappear from my reader, I go find them and they are still posting, I am just not getting them. I guess wordpress has not fixed this glitch yet!!!!

        • It happened to Nan Mykel as well just in this week. It’s through her I found your blog.

        • bethanyk says:

          I’m glad you found my blog though!

        • May I venture a bit of technical advice? Place a paragraph on your blog about your copyright to your material. In South Africa, if one has written something, and posted, copyright is automatic but it laws differ from country to country. People may be unscrupulous in lifting your material for their own (mis)use. It acts as a deterrent only though.

        • bethanyk says:

          I have a copyright on the side panel to the right of my page but do you think I should put it at the end of each blog post? I could do that. What do you think I should say? Just that it is copyrighted?

        • Sorry Bethany, I saw your copyright notice after I posted the comment. It ought to be enough. When I post my own pictures, whether photographs or artworks, underneath in the caption I right that it is copyrighted to me.

        • bethanyk says:

          Thank you for that advice. I will do that from now on!

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