August 7, 2015 by petrujviljoen

Enough said.patriarchy


9 thoughts on “Patriarchy

    • btw. my daughter once gave cactuses to my husband and me: for him, an upright one with two round offshoots, and for me a cactus very like this. most uncomfortable in so many ways! and hilarious.

      • I was wondering whether you meant the analogy as I saw it. She seems nervy, scratched all over, but it could be good nerves, excitement, that thrill we all feel when presented with a flower(s). Whatever. It’s a complex world. Your daughter giving you cactuses – a Very Creative Child. Thinking out of the box. 🙂

        • not so much a child at the time, she was about 25, but yes, a very creative being.

          my story was an aside.Your piece speaks of discomfort, constrainment and awkwardness. It is rather brutal, with its thorny yoni, and rightly so. And the main readable words: ‘bible, woman, refuse’ are a poem in themselves.

        • Laughing with you & your daughter. And yes, your insight into the work is spot on.

  1. Amazing. And yep–“enough said.”

  2. Using type as abstracted forms/textures is kinda a visual poesy; deliteralizing the structure of the words while keeping their meaning. Nicely done.

    • Thanks Howard. I rather like this work. As usual one doesn’t get so much interest when posting work to do with feminism and GBV etc. Through PS I learn to not layer so very much, it gets cluttered easily. Will feed into my painting, collage work.

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