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July 3, 2015 by petrujviljoen

Experiments in digital artmaking. One can do one a day. If I had to do this by hand it’d take a week! The quote in pic 3 is attributed to St Augustine. I meant to put it in prior to posting and forgot. And I’m also, concerning pic 3, a bit worried about copyright. I took a photograph of the magazine shelf in the local grocery store and used it outright. Hope I won’t get into trouble. Anyone out there with knowledge of copyright issues in this regard, let me know.

art-book-idea drag and fade brush a
womens time


19 thoughts on “Digital Work

  1. I like the collages (layers, layers, layers…modes, effects and filters…cmd-s, cmd-z!) Copyright is a grey area here in the paranoid/capitalist states of America where anyone can sue anyone and whoever has the most expensive lawyer wins. I think you are safe though from several points of view: 1) you are using a small part to some one else’s work as a small part of yours, 2) they are not losing money because of your efforts, 3) you are expressing an opinion on the state of things. This last one is a big deal here, “freedom of speech” and all, which is sadly often neutered by “freedom to litigate” thanks for the like.

    • Oh good, glad I left it on. I’m going to have to get to know the copyright laws in South Africa a bit better if I carry on in this vein. I’d like to address the idea of the model, or cover girl, as the ideal woman. Nothing but fertility symbols as far as I’m concerned. Pieces of decoration. I’ve been looking at your videos, there’s a few, am learning a lot. Why did you stop making them? It seemed like an ongoing project?

      • Neolithic statuettes and cover girls are both representations of means to ends, the former for the survival of the tribe and the latter for the profits for a corporation.
        The artist’s model is different she is both real and ideal but the balance between those aspects has varied a lot. The ‘08 Honolulu version of Thomas Eakins’ “William Rush and His Model,” says all that well.
        Glad you like the vids. They were made for the online version of the basic photoshop course I teach. My college has not asked for an online version of the advanced course yet.

        • Interesting triad (by the way, looked up hendiatris) of cover girl, old fertility symbols and the artist model. Art does seem a cure or solution of some sort.

  2. AnnIsikArts says:

    Hi, P. Hope all goes well with you. There’s copyright and there’s trade mark. I understand that if the image you use is rendered unrecognisable then you’re not infringing copyright (as it’s not recognisable as a ‘copy’ of something that someone else has a ‘right’ to). If the image you’re using is recognisable AND you’re ‘trading’ a product with the image (e.g. logo) attached, then you’re in trouble. Of course, if an image is a good addy for the copyright owner, they won’t mind anyway. Ann

    • I don’t think I changed the images enough. I can’t see all of the magazines sueing me, I hope not anyway. If the various mags catch on, let;s hope they like the work! It was meant as a satire really. I haven’t been in touch. There’s something wrong, I’ll have to get the wordpress people to sort it out. Each time I visit your page my data goes beserk this side.

      • AnnIsikArts says:

        I could be wrong about the copyright thing. I have a book, ‘Digital Expressions’. I think I read something in there. I won’t have access to the book till tomorrow. I’ll look it up though. If there’s anything of use, I’ll let you know.

    • My computer has been in for repair but it still does the same thing.

      • AnnIsikArts says:

        I can’t imagine what’s going on that my blog sends your ‘data’ beserk. I don’t know what ‘data’ means. If it’s only MY blog, that would be very weird. I’ll be very interested to know what the problem turns out to be. Hope it gets fixed soon.

        • I don’t think it has anything to do with you as such. I think some third party is stealing my data, = the stuff one uses to go onto the internet with, like units for a cell phone.

        • AnnIsikArts says:

          You mean personal data? If so, you must change all your passwords without delay. I’ve had a messy week. Lost a briefcase. I had to cancel a debit card, driving licence, mobile phone, tell the police, etc. I got the case back next day. But what an upheaval.

        • No, or rather I hope not. Someone’s is tapping into my device I use (modem) and takes amounts of megabytes. An IT guy said he fixed it but it isn’t. I must phone the service provider to have it fixed someone tells me. I think your page is used because of the amount of comments we did. I must also let wordpress know.

        • AnnIsikArts says:

          MY page is USED? For what? In what way? What on earth is this all about? I’ll have to contact WordPress myself. Keep me updated, yes?

        • i will: what happens is when I’m on your page specifically, my counter of how many megabytes I use goes sky high. Somebody is tapping into my usage, I don’t know how. Sorry, I think it’s on my side and not yours. If I for instance exchanged a great many comments with any other site on WordPress, the same would’ve happened.

        • AnnIsikArts says:

          Okay. My computer (online) has been slow recently – ‘sticky’- but that may or may not have anything to do with this. I’m running a full security scan of my laptop however and ‘tidying’ up in general. I’ll ask WordPress for advice too. Take care. Ann

        • Am doing the same as we speak.

    • Magazine covers are copyrighted, so you do not have a right to treat them as public domain material. That said though, I would sincerely doubt that there would be a problem considering the way they are utilized here. Great collage work. If you are offered any compensation for the piece or plan to sell it in any form, then I would contact each magazine for permissions. From what I have read, you would normally get a cease and desist notice and be asked for between 500-2000$. At that point take it down and don’t pay 🙂 Run. Fast lol

      • I will research, as a matter of urgency, copyright laws in South Africa. There’s an organisation here called Dalro that deals particularly with copyright issues of artists, whether in visual arts, literature or performance/video. I’ll contact them right now. They assisted me once before. I’m just lazy. Thanks for the input.

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