Encyclopedia of Everything – the Expanded Version


June 19, 2015 by petrujviljoen

Another artist book collaboration – #15, through the artists book website: http://artistbooks.ning.com. All artists featured here can be found there and where I could I provided links to separate websites for interested people’s easy reference. The Encyclopedia of Everything – the Expanded Version, hosted by Cheryl Penn also features all the collaborations and all other books received for this project. The stimulation in these collaborations are valuable. The books don’t just land up on people’s shelves, it gets shown in various exhibitions which is, for any artist rather exciting.

Jo-Anne Hell Fire Corner

Jo-Anne Southorn
Hell Fire Corner

Jac Balmer Footprints in the Sand

Jac Balmer
Footprints in the Sand

tictac bleed from the war inside

bleed from the war inside


2 thoughts on “Encyclopedia of Everything – the Expanded Version

  1. Beautiful books here; a book being an art form that’s both interactive and multiple as well as being generally a cooperative project. A couple of weekend ago a couple of us—aged 5-66—made lino-cuts in the kitchen. We should have stitched them together; they’d have made a fine book. Contrast that with today, when I’m grading the final projects for a digital design class, interactive and multiple, to be sure, but are they books? Thanks for the like.

    • Living in the 21st century, embracing digital media as an artmaking medium, published on the web, then yes, it is a book. I’ve started using my phone to jot down notes as scrambling for a pen and notebook is cumbersome. That said, I spent the day in bed yesterday with a ‘proper’ book, actually turning pages manually and not worried I’d spill tea. Bookbooks dry out, a computer/laptop/kindle stops working … I enjoy your social commentary. Am about to publish some stuff I played with on PS later today. Will await your comments.

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