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May 29, 2015 by petrujviljoen

In conversation with other book artists, in particular Cheryl Penn, a method of work is identified without having conscious, or objective (if there is such a possibility), thought: e.g. that of layering. A quote from Cheryl I remember: life can be so over and over: well, yes, it is, rather. Hardly does one find singular meaning in any one action, unless one is prepared to move to a state of utter/complete non-action.

So these experiments in my brand new photoshop programme (What A Gift!, thanks Kevin – he’s not on the ‘net), are layered images.

The 2nd image, Hand, was directly inspired by an artist called Jennifer Davis. In my reader, surprise, surprise, during the week pitches up a show of hands: Belinda Broughton, Syncopated Eyeball and Elan Mudrow

What’s that sound? Of one hand clapping? Some koan or other?

Feedback from Photoshop fundis welcomed.

14 thoughts on “Experiments in photoshop

  1. ~meredith says:


  2. joeythebuddhist says:

    Great art!

  3. Photoshop as philosophy-in-action, doing without thinking. interesting.
    Make your own brushes (edit>define brush preset, then open the brush panel/change the mode and play) And play, add layer upon layer of textures and gradients, messing ’round with the modes and adjustment layers. Play and play, stopping only when you have done something you like better than any abstract expressionist of yore.
    I teach PS. it’s difficult getting students to let go, to try something not knowing what that is in advance. They are all young and want a job from all this expensive schooling. The above exercise helps, though most times I have to tell them when to stop, too. their arty-sense is undeveloped, but we are working on that too.
    I like your projects so far, you are showing no fear. That’s rare, keep it up. Open every panel you can and, there, wiggle ever slider before you go. Remember the basic rule: cmd/ctrl-s when you like what you see and cmd/ctrl-z when you don’t.
    Good links here too. When you’ve “mastered” PS, tackle another adobe program, indesign. There you can make books using PS adding animations, interactivity, sounds and movies! A warning: There is too much to learn and the means sometimes gets in the way of the end, so stay philosophical, stay skeptical of these e-sirens.

    • wow! This is getting copied and pasted for easier future reference. I know about the brushes. Some are just so small. Tried something new without knowing what it is I’m after, just getting to know the tools – and overworked entirely, and it’s hard to undo it to a point where it can be picked up on. Just abandoned it. The range of fonts dissapoints. Thought there’d be more to choose from and play with, but one can make them wiggle and flag and stuff. I think the next step would be to have a particular end product in mind, for indeed, say an artist book, The blind playing for its own sake isn’t going anywhere right now. I don’t have the electronic pad and pen, so drawing with a laptop mouse isn’t effective. Suppose I could make a drawing and scan it in and take it from there, but can’t help wondering what the point would be. ”Done something better than any abstract expressionist of yore” = 🙂 Beating Pollock at his own game will be quite something and a good direction to send one’s thinking. Thanks! I’ve had a block reading Wassily Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art, but might tackle it and do it in PS! And yes, I will stay sceptical of the e-sirens.

      • Point by point:
        1) Tapping the bracket keys, [ and ], make your brushes go down and up in size.
        2) Web-search “free fonts,” download any you like and install them on your machine, restart PS and they will be there.
        3) In the type menu, rasterize any type layer and it becomes a plain old layer.
        4) The medium wacom intuos tablet (200USD) is a good tablet, but the small for half that works too.
        5) If you are really bored, go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSOEw3Y1lS8

        • Thank you SO much! Have already downloaded some fonts, will go get some more. Opening the link now, will have a look. Haven’t worked on PS since yesterday, got organisational work to do. We just started a Non Government Organisation (designed the logo and letterhead on PS) and it needed some admin. I’ll post what I do next keeping in mind what you’ve told me. 🙂 🙂

        • Oh yes, what amazes me is the file size of some of the work in PS (one came to about 119 mb) and yet when I save them for the web as a jpeg, it can come right down to as small as 1.2 or biggest I saw 8mb) Haven’t printed any of it out yet, but would there be a big difference in the quality of the print between the PS file of 119mb and the jpeg file of 1.2mb? One would imagine so, but why does so much get lost? I didn’t notice a difference in quality between the two formats, not on the computer screen anyway.

  4. 🙂 what an adventure Photoshop is. enjoy. wish I’d learnt it systematically instead of fuddling along. Still could I guess. there are plenty of tutes out there.

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