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May 22, 2015 by petrujviljoen

OuğħŁ² ВųŸ Ά Ĝŗæрħİċ
[ŠãîÐ & Đŏŋē.]
© Pētru J Viljoen
Eleven May, Twenty Fifteen
Beën Ţħeře » … that
Got the t-shirt
it says Tibet now but {it’s not, it wasn’t, I haven’t} …

been to Timbuktu either
but i do remember …

ĥãviņğ bëeņ (somewhere) &
waking’ from a dream, Ĩ
having left
the back gate
open the night before
having forgotten
to close it.

The grey duiker stepped
in lightly,
munch munch here & there ever
so much at home, just
as I got to the kitchen window,
then left. Again. This ░
hăvîņğ ÐreåmТ ‡ I must remember …
cat’s food tomorrow if it isn’t raining.

cerval passed by,
looked ‘hi’; cat, I, nodded.
soft – violet – sky

La Bậtarde – A bigger impression

– in indigo –

Ţhe Ġolden Ņotebook [(good) DL].
Oh hell, Leduc.

Playing the deck; the one I didn’t
I couldn’t go: I can’t
with this
right now.

Couldn’t not remember.
Free will. Practice it
you may hurt an {close} Other.

gardening – the birds
sitting on the fence play
at flying away. Or falling off/on // off/on
(either side).

hurtling from on high off
the roof – outside,
Stomach turning
it hit
the ground
wings spread – artless triumph.
copyright the dove. They do that.

having beĕn { soɱȅϢҔеᶉᴱ }

the memory ἏṪ waking after
ħavĩŋġ đrėaΜt :
what’s this
vaguely knew it to be¯ing
mine, but …,
dismayed… @
being { soɱȅϢҔеᶉᴱ } h(ere) &
ħaviŋġ had to wear it. Been

ever since

{still} a child.

Eŕgaŧocraċy ‼
> one miss
step, princess Charming,
& you may break the glass shoes™ – Grimm
– it will be all your own fault!!

plastic garden clogs {Crocs}™

– are
so much more practical; don’t
you think?

I must remember to ask a quěŝtioŋ
of da moon.


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11 thoughts on “DVerse Open Link night (last night)

  1. Ah.. to keep up with trendy culture is to know the
    crocs of life.. i know nothing of trendy..
    but i make my own trends come alive..:)

    • I don’t know about trendiness anymore either. And try to not promote the ones I create spontaneously. Don’t want to be responsible for other people’s actions or what they look like!

  2. Gabriella says:

    Your reflection on t-shirt is quite thought-provoking and made me wonder whether people pay attention to the letters on their t-shirts. Sometimes some have ‘interesting’ mistakes or are written in a language not many people get. Does it matter?

  3. billgncs says:

    I liked how you used cliche in this poem and still made it unique and original.

  4. Mary says:

    Love the variety of atmospheric details you worked into this poem!

  5. I would like to have that t-shirt.. and definitely the crocs or even more a pair of clogs is the perfect garden shoe…

    • As I mentioned to Gabriella’s comment: I meant the t shirt with Tibet on it (didn’t go there) and the one I woke up in as a child to be a metaphor. Obviously not clear enough. Someplace one goes in dreams that when one wakes up one wonders where one has been and how did one get to being in this world. Love gardening!

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