Artist Book Collaboration


May 21, 2015 by petrujviljoen

The current project. Topic is text.

Details can be found on or on Cheryl Penn’s site


[Some of ] the Female of the Species



in the fold of the middle

at the back of the … ŤÊЖt  …


When on(c)e

Ǒħ! good advice – just start! … in the middle …

of the muddle of the puddle

  • To get beyond. and on. so – A Beg(in)n(in)g,


{A Storm,}


has to subside, so speak

beneath  the layers … I feel a


₯έjå ύũ


coming on …

… Oh Dear …

(The earth was made  {this way), please }↝

The colour in the middle of the world

is – What? Let’s guess, rather – Let’s ask the Monkey Lady.

Don’t (g)oogle her.

So? Who’s this then?

at the back.Where  is also a question. Then.

Folded into memory                        (How do you know?)

(read intuition)

or deduction: in hindsight.

Nothing (k)new this.


Rehashing: a Song it will be; the 15th

but can’t promise.


LIFE  in light blue on the back of the Royal black

man, well by birth anyway,

{ }he turned his back

…so to …

you know? That.

Folded in the layers of geology, archeology, mythology.

In other words: TYME







Dot? Dotty! Where are you⁉


It was a joke, growing up:

where did she/he/it go?  Timbuktu!!


 (Be bold, said the dream) I couldn’t read (it)

at that time.

Jeez, can’t get away … {from these guys} and I wanted to write a

Woman’s Book! If the song is good its good and


“∥I’m keening the blues∥”


… about washing salt off one’s face

with the ” early morning {dew” to}

₳ncient” … uhm,

garumph. Clearing of throat and all that … wish I knew

Avebury. OH! It is about –

some of the(m)

female of the species, oh dear.


{God, please preserve me from some of my friends.}



does that song go (again)?


Where’s she? in Timbuktu? NO!

or  Ӕgypt? No!


Could one have a pillar of salt in Avebury?

The rain will dissolve [this woman‘s {in} tears]?


巡   this way please.

from a tyme more recent.

From The (Good) Woman of the



If one could (it’s an aRt form) think

Distant Interiority. (often a storm)  

it was that help that was necessary to be. … This dog of a woman.

A Given.


Could someone please tell me






♫ Let’s start at the very beginning. {Ω}It’s a


Very Good Place


to Start. ♫ dash, dash, dash, got to —


get  to

{w(here) it’s At}

[the] ßaCĶ

of the book – (discard the advice not to)

there’s an ȱŁĐ

fold in the middle (of the muddle

of the puddle) … Got it?




Gotto go: the toaster popped

&  i want jam  – made it myself – & bread

(doh, oh dear) with my


ŧ … Ω


© Petru J Viljoen

14 May 2015



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