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May 17, 2015 by petrujviljoen

I was given a Photoshop programme in last week and am learning by trial and error. I made Dog Woman first by hand through physical cutting and pasting from magazines. This I then edited using the various filter options. Hoo boy, there’s a lot to learn!

It will go with this poem for an artist book I’m making.

[Some of ] the Female of the Species
in the fold of the middle
at the back of the … ŤÊЖŦ …
… When on(c)e
Ǒħ! good advice – just start! … in the middle …
of the muddle of the puddle
to get beyond. and on. to – A Beg(in)n(in)g,{ Again,}

has to subside, so to speak,
beneath the layers … I feel a

₯έjå ύũ

coming on …
… Oh Dear …
(The earth was made {this way), please }↝
The colour in the middle of the world
is – What? Let’s guess, rather – Let’s ask the Monkey Lady.
Don’t (g)oogle her.
So? Who’s this then?
at the back.Where is also a question. Then.
Folded into memory (How do you know?)
(read intuition)
or deduction: in hindsight.
Nothing (k)new this.

Rehashing: a Song it will be; the 15th
but can’t promise.

LIFE in light blue on the back of the Royal black
man, well by birth anyway,
{ }he turned his back
…so to …
you know? That.
Folded in the layers of geology, archeology, mythology.
In other words: TYME


Dot? Dotty! Where are you⁉

It was a joke, growing up:
where did she/he/it go? Timbuktu!!

(Be bold, said the dream) I couldn’t read (it)
at that time.
Jeez, can’t get away … {from these guys} and I wanted to write a
Woman’s Book! If the song is good its good and

“∥I’m keening the blues∥”

… about washing salt off one’s face
with the ” early morning {dew” to}
₳ncient” … uhm,
garumph. Clearing of throat and all that … wish I knew
Avebury. OH! It is about –
some of the(m)
female of the species, oh dear.

{God, please preserve me from some of my friends.}

does that song go (again)?

Where’s she? in Timbuktu? NO!
or Ӕgypt? No!

Could one have a pillar of salt in Avebury?
The rain will dissolve [this woman’s {in} tears]?

巡 this way please.
from a tyme more recent.
From The (Good) Woman of the

If one could (it’s an aRt form) think
Distant Interiority.
it was that help that was necessary to be. … This dog of a woman.
A Given.

Could someone please tell me



♫ Let’s start at the very beginning. {Ω}It’s a

Very Good Place

to Start. ♫ …dash, dash, dash, got to —

get to
{w(here) it’s At}
[the] ßaCĶ
of the book – (discard the advice not to)
there’s an ȱŁĐ
fold in the middle (of the muddle
of the puddle) … Got it?


Gotto go: the toaster popped
& i want jam – made it myself – & bread
(doh, oh dear) with my

ŧ … Ω

© Petru J Viljoen
14 May 2015

2 thoughts on “photomontage & photoshop

  1. Wow, another convert. Sort of. PS is a complex program that tries to be a painter, a photo editor and a digital image manipulator all at once. Take it slow. First rummage around the adobe site, then search “photoshop [topic of your choice] and tutorial.” Pick a couple and try them. I think you’ll find “free transform” and “refine edges” especially useful (for fun try “liquefy”) for your collage project. remember it’s just a tool, just an expensive brush/canvas/palette tucked into to your emailgoogle box. Good luck and keep us informed of you progress.

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