Carpe Diem – Solitude


December 9, 2014 by petrujviljoen

Charlie's light

shrugging off the ties
binding one to the world –
light patterns the river

escaping, a walk;
shoulder muscles realign –
singular rhythm

stepping out onto
nature’s pathway, just us –
cat mewls agreement

stone stepping
breeze lifts spirit too –
being in the light

no idle chatter –
birds’ conversation accents
inner silence

Kristjaan Panneman is having us writing on solitude today. View his carpe diem site here

5 thoughts on “Carpe Diem – Solitude

  1. What a joy to see you here again … and with such a beautiful series of haiku on solitude …

    • As I said on your post: Thanks for the opportunity. I save them all and try and work on the ideas you provide even if I don’t always link up. 🙂 Thanks for liking my work.

  2. julespaige says:

    Ah you have told your own relaxing story… I like the cat mewling in agreement.

    I am not a sticker for haiku rules. More into the spirit – my piece is more to me of a solo tan-ranga. But there is another name for that or maybe there isn’t?

    Actually the was a last minute change in plans so I only had one instead of two. And Little Miss is catching up on some growing or lost sleep – almost 3.5 hours of napping 🙂

    No road worries due to the weather – so far.

    • Jules, I know so little of the various forms of Japanese poetry relating to haiku that I’ll gladly take your word for it. Lazy to swot up and practice. Only write when inspired. The little miss will brighten your days. It’s sunny in South Africa, well mostly, raining a lot where I am but it is supposed to. My front door frog reappeared the other night. Thought it moved. Nearly saw it as a sign. 🙂

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