Graskop – Left behind in the Mists of White Time

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November 2, 2014 by petrujviljoen

Rock Pool on the Heddle River


An email, an article in the
newspaper, attached, circulated to very many, only
people: propoganda about their effort to,
listen to this,
Listen to this: removing people,
from what they think is their image in main
street, Graskop
who are
plying an honest trade in trinkets and curios because
they say they are dirty.
That’s what they say, the email, the newspaper
article, in black on white. There’s a bit of red in it too.
The face of poverty is too, too offensive …
A visit to the site where the
people go to have fun in the sun, eat and swim, a spot less of
people for whom it is made difficult to have fun
under the same sun even though
they are made in the image of
the same
people poor, poor, have to go. The
people sneer: they’re dirty! They’re stupid. They’re dangerous.
No culture! Go, Go!
A visit to the site where the
people go to have fun in the sun
reveals their nature:
they call it Die Gat* What culture is that?

A green beautiful sunlit spot less of
people; yet: it is dirty, dangerously broken
bottles strewn in truest nature
wherever you go
A lawless chaos revealed. The face of
people made, or so they say, in the image of
What hypocracy!
*Afrikaans for A Hole. I’ll leave it there.


copyright: Images and text: Petru J Viljoen


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