Nearly Asemic


October 30, 2014 by petrujviljoen



Walking; the brae and the pond noticed. Yes, really. No, no fishing no more. Vegetables are good and potatoes pack a mean vitamin. Only … Don’t! I’m sure you know what I mean about carrots. Eat, eat all you like.

The moon was out, dis-spelled Cthulhu and Noctum passed by. Madness smiled hi. I nodded.*

Obscure languish happened after the fact. Oh well. Just as? Refer to the star(s) if you don’t know what I mean. What’s that song? Starry starry night – and something about the moon … and something about blue and grey. By Don McLean.

The pond beckoned, almost gushed. Reclining, first one side then the other, fingering the cicatrice, sipping malmsey to compliment the brackish water (there’s nothing like it) on the palette: Cyprus memories of a fingerling caught and let go of while cirrus clouds wisps its way in the surface of the pond ripples hardly matter. The proverbial pebble – the cliche – don’t! Plonk! Oh well, you know how it is …

… with the swimming salmon swishing this way and that Kipling story – way below in a moonlit spot warming no-one and never meant to either. [This is private.] Except the cilium on the malva did notice – and reacted. Hardly a ripple though. The roots, where I play, tells the beginning and its outcome, the beginning. Again.

Centipede, centipede why do you curl up so? Fortification,my dear, shielding, because of … this, this… A journey it didn’t particularly want to be on. There one lies, at the furthermost extremity, fingering the malachite in the moonbeam – no, no – we don’t do gold. Yes. Silver only. Why?

*loosely based on lyrics by Jesus Rodrigues. Amazing story.


LQW Wordle gets published weekly with a list of words to make prose or poetry with. What I like about this is, there are hardly any rules. Just to use the words. One can write as long or as short as one likes.


14 thoughts on “Nearly Asemic

  1. gabrielle says:

    nice, little stream of consciousness walk… would you post the Jesus Rodriguez song you referenced?

    • Not technically adept but will try. 🙂

      • gabrielle says:

        Oh. No pressusre. Maybe just a link, then?

        • Gabrielle, it’s the song called Inner City Blues on the link:

          The album it is recorded on is Cold Fact and you have to scroll down to find the lyrics of the various songs.

        • Gabrielle says:

          Thank you for the link! Interesting lyrics. I youtube’d the title, but could only come up with Marvin Gaye’s INNER CITY BLUES, which I’ve heard before, but lyrics are totally different from the Rodriguez song! ( Have you heard it?

          Furthermore… Gaye’s album WHAT’S GOING ON in which the song was included, was released the same year as Rodriguez’s album, 1971… Some coincidence, huh?

        • You should be able to download the song from the site I quoted? I can’t do it here at home my internet connection is too slow, but you should be able to. It will be very different from Marvin Gaye. I don’t remember the Marvin Gaye song, no. Not really a fan. The saddest story there too though.

        • gabrielle says:

          I did try, but I was too chicken to download that player!! (I’ve been burned.) However, I found JR on youtube today here ~ The sound isn’t good, but reading the lyrics along w/his performance makes him compelling.

          BTW, I wasn’t a fan of Gaye either until this year when I realized he was writing in the 70s about issues that are plaguing us now: our flawed ecological policies, police brutality, racism, etc.

          Anyway, thanks for sharing (Sixto Diaz) Jesus R. 🙂

        • Oh good! Rodriquez’s story is amazing. These two South Africans went on a search for him, long after everybody thought he died of a drug overdose or something, and found him alive and well living in Detroit. Made him famous all over again and he’s doing performances over the world as we speak. They made a documentary called Searching for Sugarman and we got to see it on our screens here in SA about two years ago. My story was a kind of tribute to him. I should post it on the Sugarman site as well.

    • The song titled Inner City Blues.

  2. Ah.. the memories of those little fingerlings caught and letting go.. wonderful

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